13 wedding pictures you should ask your photographer to take

From getting ready to stunning wedding dress photos and funny shots, here are the pictures to show to your photographer before your big day.

It’s not every day you’ve got an amazing professional photographer at your beck and call, so why not make the most of their skills and prowess and ask them to take a few creative shots on your wedding day that will add a unique element to your wedding album.


Everyone loves the traditional couple shots, family photos and bridesmaid group snaps, but these cool and quirky ideas will make your wedding album a talking point for years to come.

Photo | Simply Bloom

1. Creative ring pictures

After using your engagement ring to announce your engagement in a fun way, it makes sense to recreate the picture for your wedding album.

Get creative with your wedding rings by putting them in unexpected objects, like this couple did in a bird’s nest – ideal if you’re having an outdoor or woodland wedding.

Photo | Jonny Draper

2. The fun picture

While posed portraits are great to hand out to the family, it’s great to mix things up a bit with some funny shots, which can be used in the wedding thank you cards. We love this tug of war battle between the bride and groom.

Check out our ideas for wedding entertainment for any budget to inspire your fun-loving shots.

Photo | Hannah-May Photography

3. The first kiss

There’s nothing as magical as that first kiss as man and wife, so be sure to ask your photographer to snap away as you pucker up for the most important kiss of your life,

Chances are, everyone will be too busy clapping to take a picture, so make sure you get your photographer to capture the moment.

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Photo | Shan Fisher

4. The details

While they seem really important to you when you’re planning, you’ll hardly have time to notice the intricate details on your big day, so make sure you get a snap to remember it all.

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Photo | McKinley Rodgers

5. With your pets

If you’re lucky enough to bring your pet to your wedding, get them involved in the pictures. Seriously cute.

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Photo | Eddie Judd

6. The first dance

Whether you spent weeks choreographing your dance or are winging it on your wedding day, an action shot of you and your brand new husband hitting the dance floor will forever remind you of how lovely it felt to twirl like a princess.

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Photo | Stephen Lawrence

7. The romantic shot

Well it is a romantic occasion after all, so you make like in the movies and get that dreamy shot. Whether it’s a snap of the two of your frolicking through the fields, or posing by the beach, this is one to frame on the mantelpiece as well as immortalise in the wedding album.

Photo | Ally Byrom

8. The epic bridesmaids shot

After the crazy amount of time your bridesmaids spend helping you plan your big day, it’s time to let loose and have a bit of fun.

Go crazy with your maids and nail that fun shot you’ll all look back at with a smile. Frame the shot for each of them as a gift to thank them for everything they did for you in the wedmin process.


Photo | May and Martel

9. The one-of-a-kind shot

Okay, so this couple couldn’t really predict there would be a rainbow on their wedding day, but when they saw it, they made the most of it.

Keep an eye out for quirky happenings like that and turn them to your advantage, like this couple hit by a blizzard.

Photo | Julia and You

10. Getting ready

Many of the brides we talk to say that their favourite memory of their wedding day is getting ready with their best friends in the bridal suite, so make sure to invite your photographer early in the day to take photos of the special occasion.

Asking your photographer to do longer hours may incur costs, so be sure to read our article decoding wedding photographer’s prices to work out what’s included in your photography package.

Photo | Katy Lunsford

11. The winning veil picture

A beautiful veil deserves a moment in the spotlight as much as your dress, and we think this gorgeous shot captures the accessory perfectly.

Sure, there will be lots of photos of your veil as you stand at the top of the altar, but capture it in all its glory by having your bridesmaids spread it out to demonstrate the full beauty.

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6. sassi-holford-wedding-dress
Photo | Sanshine Photography

12. The bridesmaid helping you get ready photo

This combines your getting ready pic with well a more natural version of your official bridesmaids shots. Your bridal party are essential in helping you get ready, and photos to commemorate this are not to be missed!

Photo | Eddie Judd

13. The first look when he sees you walk down the aisle

You’ll be so overcome with emotion that you might not remember this moment, so it’s very important for the photographer to capture it. It may well end up being your favourite photo taken on your big day, or at least one of the most natural, unposed snaps.


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