Wedding After-party

10 after wedding party ideas you’ll love

Not quite ready to end your celebrations once the disco ends? You totally don't have to!

Most married couples will tell you that your wedding day will fly by. With such a huge build-up over months of careful decision making and planning, the big day really can be over in a flash.


With photographs to take, food to eat and dancing to be done (not to mention a few stolen moments with your new spouse!), it can feel like you’ve barely had chance to say a quick ‘hello’ to many of your guests, never mind had a good old catch-up.

We think the best way to extend your day and give you the chance to spend extra time with your guests is to organise an after-party.

Whether you fancy a hedonistic late-night shindig or a laidback BBQ the following day, an after-party should never be an after-thought. It’s important to gauge your guests’ tastes and balance your party with your wedding. For example, if you’re extending the license for a longer wedding reception disco, a late-night party may be a little too much.

It’s also a good idea to consider the level of organisation involved, after selecting and planning every detail of your day, the idea of pulling together another elaborate party may not be so appealing. We get it, which is why we’ve included plenty of easy and fuss-free ideas for laidback couples.

Above all else, your after-party should feel just as ‘you’ as your wedding day and be a natural extension of your big day celebrations. So, grab a cuppa and your spouse-to-be and explore all of the amazing after-party options!

Family celebration



Host a BBQ

Summer weddings are always rounded off nicely with a laid-back next-day BBQ. It’s a family-friendly choice (so perfect for weddings involving little ones!) and a total crowd-pleaser. We mean, who doesn’t love a burger after a big night?



Invite everyone for brunch

Ask your venue if they offer post-wedding brunches and invite your nearest and dearest to join you for a farewell feast. A brunch is a great choice for guests with long journeys ahead of them and a great chance to say your goodbyes before jetting off on your honeymoon.




Get active

If you’re getting hitched against a beautiful country backdrop then it makes total sense to soak it all up for as long as you can! Get a group together and take a bracing walk or bike ride. Trust us, it will be great for any post-wedding hangovers and you can always round it off with a cheeky pub lunch!


Hit a club or bar

If you and your guests are up for hardcore partying then check out the closing times at nearby clubs and bars. You can hire a table or private area and continue the fun into the early hours!


Hire a party bus

For a unique after-party, consider hiring a party bus and taking your guests on a tour of the local area while you enjoy music and a drink or two. This is a particularly good choice for couples marrying in the capital.



Organise a fireworks display

Fireworks are a great way to round off your big day and act as a dramatic full stop on your celebrations. Hire a hotdog cart or serve hot chocolates and gather everyone outside for a spectacular after-party.



Host a screening

Hire a space or host it at home and invite guests for a relaxed post-wedding movie session. Use a projector to give it the big screen feel and pass around the popcorn!



Have a spa day

If you’re getting married in a fancy spa hotel or know of a spa nearby, why not invite your closest friends and family for a chill out day after the wedding? You can slip into a robe and enjoy some tranquility along with a champagne lunch to celebrate!

Spa day



Put on a late-night concert

Choose an upbeat band to inject some energy back into the evening at your after-party or have a jazz band play sultry tunes while you sip a nightcap.



Go for a picnic

Getting hitched abroad? A beach picnic and sunbathing session is a wonderful way to make the most of the location. Summer weddings in UK coastal or rural locations are also ideal for relaxed post-wedding alfresco dining.