10 ways to make your wedding guests feel extra special

We know weddings are all about the bride and groom, but with these special touches added into your reception, you'll have guests telling you how thoughtful you were

Guests spend a lot of money attending weddings, from choosing the perfect outfits to buying a thoughtful wedding present, so it’s a lovely idea to make the day extra special for them too.


The day in undeniably all about you and your partner, but a few extra touches will make it memorable for your guests too.

1. Introduce everyone

It can be awkward not knowing anyone at a wedding, so a few weeks before the big day, fire off a group email introducing friends and family who may be travelling together.

2. Provide pre-reception entertainment

Although exciting for you, that hour spent taking wedding photos can be a little boring for your guests. Make sure they stay entertained with some oversized games or an interactive cocktail bar.

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3. Include pictures of everyone

Hire a projector and show Facebook pictures of all your friends and family during the wedding breakfast. They’ll love the sentiment and it’ll be a great conversation-starter for those who don’t know each other.

4. Provide personalised wedding favours

Nothing says thoughtful as much as a personalised wedding favour. Think a baby picture of the guest instead of a place card, or a monogrammed napkin.

5. Create a lovely bathroom

Let’s face it, most clutch bags only allow for a phone, lip gloss and those all important tissues. So make sure you stock the bathroom full of emergency supplies like dry shampoo, safety pins, kirby grips and hairspray. Get your ushers to do the same for the men’s bathroom, too.

6. Get guests involved with the playlist

Ask your guests to get creative by opening a Spotify playlist for them to add their favourite songs to. It’s a guaranteed way to get everyone dancing.

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Image | Hannah Mcclune

7. Buy flip flops for your guests

There’s nothing like painful heels to cut your time on the dance floor short. Buy flip flops in a few different sizes and place them in a pretty hamper on the side for female guests to help themselves. They’ll thank you for sure!

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8. Set up a popcorn or sweet bar

Guests will jump at the chance to create their own sweet treats. All the better if they have little paper bags to save them for later.

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9. Invite guests to film a message

Video booths are a great way for your loved ones to send you off into married life. Ask them to share their ultimate tips for a happy relationship, you’re bound to get a few interesting answers! You can then share the Youtube link as a memento.

10. Give them hangover kits

Consider putting together a little ‘morning-after’ gift set for those who’ve had a jolly good time at the wedding. Think paracetemol, soothing eye-mask, vitamin C and plasters. It will go down a treat!


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