13 football obsessed people reveal what they’d do if a wedding invite clashed with the World Cup

We spoke to football fans about how they’d cope with attending a wedding on the same day as the quarter-finals - would they sack off the wedding, or grin and bear it?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that England have been doing pretty well in the 2018 World Cup, meaning they’re through to the quarter-finals this Saturday, and will be playing Sweden.


While this is excellent news for the football lovers out there, it’s created turmoil for lots of brides who are due to get married this weekend – we’ve got a whole discussion in the forum about it!

We’ve spoken to brides asking “my wedding clashes with the world cup; will people still come?”, and we started wondering, is anyone enough of a football fan to renege on a wedding invite to watch the match instead?

We’re lucky enough to share an office with Match of the Day Magazine, so we asked them, along with football lovers who work on our sister site Hitched, and we think you’ll be pretty surprised by what they said…

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“First goal over first dance any day”

“If it wasn’t being shown at a wedding I was attending, I’d be leaving. Lol! If I was getting married my fiancée would 100% want to watch the football, she loves it more than any one I know!….. First goal over first dance any day!”
Eddy Ford

“I’d happily still go as I hate football but my footie obsessed other half would just want to be checking the score the whole time. He’d have alerts on his phone that told him what was going on but he certainly wouldn’t miss the wedding or expect to watch it whilst there.

I’ve been to a wedding that clashed with a huge match before and a few lads sneaked off to a room to watch it… but that’s as bad as it got! I think these brides are probably over worrying but it’s understandable.”
Aimee Al-Dabagh

“Can the cake cutting / first dance be condensed into 15 minutes? That’s how long half-time lasts.”

“I would ask for some contingency plans to be put in place between now and Saturday to ensure no-one’s World Cup experience is spoiled. It’s inconceivable to think that a ceremony would clash with kick off. But if it does, I would time my arrival so that I am placed at the rear of the venue for discreet positioning of a smartphone to take place. I’d check the venue in advance for Wifi / 4g coverage.

If the game falls during the reception all is not lost. I’d request the main room has a big screen, audible commentary and close proximity to a well-staffed bar. Salt-based snacks would take the edge off being at a wedding during the England game. Can the cake cutting / first dance be condensed into 15 minutes? That’s how long half-time lasts. It would be mean missing the analysis, but I suppose guests need to understand some sacrifices need to be made.”
Matt Ketchell, Digital Editor / Senior Writer at Match of the Day

“If I were the groom, I would look to have the game being shown on a TV during the reception as to acknowledge the game is on the same day and ensure that people will come. If I went to a wedding and there was a World Cup game on that wasn’t being shown then I would be watching it on my phone.”
Matt Thompson

“I would definitely be trying to find out if they were going to show the match at the wedding and if they weren’t I might be checking my phone a bit. I would never cancel though, especially as a day guest because I know how much it costs!”
Amy-lee Fogwill

“I would drop a hint that they should show it and if that didn’t go down well would try watch it sneakily on my phone!”
Sophie Clarke

“I couldn’t realistically see a scenario where I wouldn’t be paying full attention to England when they’re playing”

“I would be absolutely gutted for England to make their first QF in my lifetime only to find out I’m going to a wedding and I will miss it. However, I understand it’s the biggest day of the year for the happy couple. Knowing this I would still go to the wedding as planned and stay away from my phone with any sort of team news/build up right until the kick off. It would then be a struggle to not, at the very minimum, listen to radio coverage on my mobile in a quiet area. Especially if I’m a +1 to a wedding.

If it was someone very close to me, or my bride. I would politely ask to sneak away for the 2nd half and watch what was left whilst sporadically looking at the updates.

In short. I would still go and be respectful to the bride and groom but I couldn’t realistically see a scenario where I wouldn’t be paying full attention to England when they’re playing!”
Ben Joudar

“I would acquire a sudden illness on the day”

“Football mad people will ALWAYS find a way to watch such a big game or at least keep a close eye on the score.

Depending on how close I am to the happy couple I would either acquire a sudden illness on the day or be as honest as possible and say I can only make the post party.

I would swamp them with important footballing stats such as ‘The world cup is only every four years’ and ‘We’ve been total rubbish since 1966’ in the vain hope they’ll forgive me.

If it was a close friend/family I’d tell them that they are a serious pain in the arse for not planning ahead and see if the can arrange a TV room at least?

If there was no way around it I’d have to have my phone on silent with the BBC updated text running and just hope for everybody’s sake we don’t blooming score!”
Jason Timson, picture editor at Match of the Day

“If I was going to a wedding on Saturday I would genuinely be gutted”

“I would literally ask non stop if they’re are playing it, and if not then probably just go and hide in the bathroom watching it on my phone. Seriously”
Jonny Windridge

“If I was going to a wedding on Saturday I would genuinely be gutted. England are, for once, doing so well and there’s actually a chance we could win this thing. But perhaps more crucially, there’s a chance this could be our last match before we crash out of the World Cup and I want to spend it in a pub garden surrounded by sweaty football fans.

I’d like to think that most couples would incorporate the match into their wedding but I suppose if you’ve got no interest in football this is unlikely. You either ‘get it’ or you don’t. Ultimately I’d go to the wedding, smile through the disappointment and subtly check my phone at every opportunity.”
Amelia Slaughter

“I would hint that a projector screen would be a good idea or if not invest in some wireless earphones, wear my hair down and listen in while pretending to listen to the speeches!”
Emily Grimson

“It completely depends if the wedding is important or not; family you can’t really say no but it would be difficult. I would still watch it on my phone!

Anyone else outside of family, it’s an easy decision. The best they would receive from me is a nice wedding present with a note saying ‘It’s coming home’”
Luke Butler

“1. I’d find out if the venue has wifi and check 4G signal strength in the area. 2. I’d buy a pair of Apple AirPods or equally low profile true-wireless headphones. 3. I’d watch the game discretely on my phone. 4. I’d apologise to my new wife for missing my cue to say “I do””
Ivan Medina


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