19 things you’ll know if you’re an only child planning a wedding

Who knew planning a wedding as an only child would be so tricky?!

1. Choosing your bridal party is hard! All those brides-to-be with sisters can just pick them and be done with it! No such luck for you.


2. Having said that, you’re so close to your BFF, she may as well be your sister. So she can be Maid of Honour.

3. But all your other friends are fighting it out to be a bridesmaid, if only you could use your sister having to be one as an excuse.

4. But when you do eventually choose your bridesmaids you feel guilty asking for their help. Siblings are obliged to step in at a moments notice, but friends? Not so much.

5. Your fiancé’s sister automatically assumes she’ll be a bridesmaid, despite the pair of you not being remotely close.

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6. Your parents are way. too. excited. It’s the only time they’ll get to be mother and father-of-the-bride, so naturally they want to be involved with everything. In fact, your dad is turning into a bit of a dadzilla

7. Your pals all assume your parents are contributing big bucks to your wedding, all because you had the best sweet-sixteen party ever. Funnily enough, they aren’t bankrolling your wedding, even though your friends seem to think they are.

8. With no older siblings who’ve already walked down the aisle, you’re finding choosing a something borrowed rather difficult.

9. People keep saying how excited you must be to be joining a big family, complete with siblings in law. No, actually. I’ve managed just fine with my small unit so far, thank you.

10. Everyone seems to have forgotten how independent you are, and keep offering to join you for your dress fitting / cake tasting / venue viewing. Company is nice and all, but you’re perfectly capable of attending all the above on your own. In fact, you’d prefer it!

11. Your parents treat your other half as their own – don’t they know that all their attention should be lavished on you?!

12. There’ll be a high percentage of older people at your wedding. Half your childhood was spent with friends of your parents, so a wedding without Gill and Alan and Henry wouldn’t feel right!

13. You just don’t understand when your friends moan about having to invite their cousins to their wedding. You love yours! They’re the closest thing you ever had to siblings and you have a blast when you get together.

14. You’re used to getting your own way. So woe betide your florist tell you that begonias aren’t in season. You’ll be having them, by hook or by crook!

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15. Walking down the aisle doesn’t phase you, you’re used to being the centre of attention.

16. Ditto the speeches. Of course you’ll be making a bride’s speech!

17. You could not be more excited to hear your dad’s father-of-the-bride speech – he’s got years worth of anecdotes stored solely about you in his head!

18. You have bridezilla tendencies… you’ve been spoiled your whole life, why would that change now?


19. Mostly, you just can’t wait to join forces with your partner and start your own family unit.