A little token from a couples engagement shoot. a simple idea of using the chalkboard to place the ring on to show the couples engagement.

5 awkward wedding moments you WILL have to deal with when you get engaged…

He's popped the question, and you're both on cloud nine. Be prepared for these cringe-worthy moments that are sure to come your way

Getting engaged is such an exciting time for you and your partner, from choosing the perfect engagement ring, to looking for your dream venue, there’s a whole host of lovely tasks to get stuck into, but we won’t lie, there are a few awkward experiences coming your way… read on to prepare yourself for what is to come.


1. Bumping into an ex

An unexpected meeting with an old flame is inevitable as soon as you’ve got a ring on your finger. Nothing screams ‘awkward’ more than a stilted conversation with an ex when you find out that they’re a) still single, b) already married, thank you very much, or c) in the mood to grab a drink and catch up on “old times.”

Break the news gently, before letting them know you’re actually on the way somewhere, and have to run. And make sure they’re on the list of people not to invite to your wedding.

2. Missing a bridesmaid

There’s always one friend who you spend hours debating over their bridesmaid status. Would you be on their bridesmaid list? Are they up to the job? Would she end up being a bad bridesmaid? Alice, Jo and Katie have already made the cut, and your groom starts to question how many thousands of best friends will be joining you up at the altar.

Be ruthless, you tell yourself, striking that friend from the list. You might feel a little guilty and embarrassed at first, especially when it comes to telling her, but you’ll need only your very top girls with you on your big day. Would you trust her to lift up your dress whilst you pee? We didn’t think so!

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3. The chat with your great-aunt/grandmother/[insert older but not necessarily wiser relative here]

You’ve just told them the good news, and their face doesn’t quite beam with joy as you were expecting. In fact, is that a slight frown you can see?

“Oh,” they say slowly as you start to regret coming over and bothering to tell them, “Are you sure?”

Nothing can kill the mood quicker than a slightly bitter family member, but rather than take it to heart, you’re much better off leaving them to grumble all they want whilst you go and look at wedding venues. They would’ve sniffed if you’d been marrying Prince Harry. (Lucky Meghan Markle!)


4. Coming up with the perfect table plan

There are always wedding politics at play when it comes to the seating plan, and even your future husband might not know what the issues is…

“Why can’t your mate Lisa sit with Matt?” he asks as the two of you ponder over the list of guests for the twentieth time. You can’t very well break the girl code and tell him that Lisa still hates the way that Matt chews his food like a horse, so you mutter something incomprehensible and hope he’ll move on.

“Perhaps next to Tom then?” he persists.

God, no. Last time Lisa met Tom, they both ended up naked and hungover in Barcelona.

“Er, leave Lisa to me,” you say. “Next!”

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5. Having to explain that your proposal story isn’t perhaps as dramatic as people would like


While you adored your low key, at home proposal, it’s no fun to see people’s faces fall when they hear your story. It’s awkward, in fact! Just make sure everyone knows how special is was for you, and they’ll be the ones who feel awkward for being anything less than overjoyed.