7 things NOT to do as soon as you get engaged

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things that is ever likely to happen to you, and there’s no doubt you’ll want to dive into wedding planning immediately, but hold your horses and make note of these seven things not to do as soon as you get engaged.


1. DON’T announce the news on social media

We know you’re excited. We know you’ve waited years for this moment and you can’t wait to shout it from the virtual rooftops and finally compete with those Facebook babies you have to look at every day. But it’s worth taking a couple of days to revel in the moment privately. There’s no need to rush your announcement – especially if you haven’t told your closest family and friends yet.

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This is one way to share the news

2. DON’T pick your bridal party

Again, it’s easy to be swept up in the excitement and immediately announce you want 13 of your best pals to don matching frocks and bouquets (that you have to pay for, btw). But this is another decision that needs careful consideration, and once you’ve played the ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ card, there’s no going back.

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3. DON’T ask how much your ring cost

This is a massive achievement for your other half – he’s managed to surprise you with a romantic proposal and team it with a ring. Let him soak up the smugness as he pats himself on the back for a few days. What he spent on the ring is, frankly, none of your business.

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4. DON’T let it become the only thing you talk about

Friends and family will be totally wrapped up in your wedding news for a while, but once the excitement dies down you will need to pay attention to their lives too. Assign special ‘wedding-planning’ meet-ups with your bridal party once you’ve set a date, but don’t go too wild when you’re newly engaged. You don’t want to be wearing that Bridezilla cap just yet.

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How cute is this engagement announcement?

5. DON’T announce your wedding date before securing the venue

You may have a date in mind, but you never know what a venue will be able to offer you or when they have days free. It’s worth looking at Fridays and Sundays as an alternative to Saturday – and it will save you a few pennies, too.

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6. DON’T get offended by the jokes

No matter how long you’ve been together, you’ll always get the odd uncle-type jokes from a few of your pals. The “It’s about time” or “are you pregnant?” comments will never ever make you laugh but you’ll have to just grin and bear it because it’s not worth getting upset about. In public, anyway.

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7. DON’T worry if it didn’t go to plan

There are very few engagement plans that actually pan out the way your fiancé (woo!) expected them to. Whether it was the airport security man that searched the ring box, or the waiter that didn’t bring the champagne out on cue, a real-life engagement rarely mirrors those that you see in films. But the point is you’re getting married and life doesn’t get better than that.


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