9 signs you’re a total Taurus bride

If you're a Taurus bride-to-be, chances are your romantic but practical personality will play a part in how you go about planning your wedding. As you put together your celebration, here are 9 ways your luxe-loving star sign is making itself known - for better and for worse!

1. The food at your wedding is going to be AMAZING

Taurus is all about the finer things in life – and that’s particularly true when it comes to wining and dining. This doesn’t mean you’re necessarily spending a lot, but you are paying a lot of attention to the edible elements of your day. You’re attending every tasting and really thinking about how much your guests would enjoy the different menu choices. If you’re having canapés, you’ve chosen a gourmet selection that’s guaranteed to delight the senses. When it comes to the drinks, you may be having a signature cocktail to welcome guests, or setting up a creative drink station like a ‘pimp your prosecco’ bar so people can personalise their glasses of fizz. You may decide to have a delicious evening food spread, to make sure no one goes hungry. Whatever you’re serving, your guests are in for a real treat.


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2. You find it enraging when suppliers don’t reply promptly

The thing is, you’re one of the zodiac’s most consistent, reliable signs. Everyone knows they can depend on you. So when other people – your venue, say, or photographer, or cakemaker, or any wedding supplier – are unreliable, you just can’t understand it. How hard is it to answer an email? Why haven’t they called back after your second voicemail? Poor communication really frustrates you, and learning to deal with people being slow to reply is something you’ve really struggled with during planning.

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3. You’re winning at this wedding planning game

Communication issues aside, you’re a practical, get-things-done kind of person. You don’t rush into wedding decisions; instead, you take things slow and steady, doing your research. When you have a goal in mind, you’re highly focused, using all the organisational tools at your disposal to get what you want – you’re a lady in the streets and a freak in the (spread)sheets.

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4. You probably have wedding insurance

As a Taurus, you’re all about stability and security, so for your peace of mind, we bet you’ve taken out insurance in case anything goes wrong. The other signs of the zodiac should learn from you.

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5. You’ve known your bridesmaids forever

Unless there’s someone you’ve asked out of obligation (see below for why that’s highly unlikely), we imagine the people you’ve asked to be bridesmaids have been in your life for years. That’s because Taurus is an incredibly loyal sign, who tends to make lasting friendships. What’s more, you don’t trust easily, so you’re unlikely to have someone in your wedding party if you’re not 100% sure you can rely on them. You know that on the day, they’ll be there for you, just like you’re always there for them, whether you have a group of close pals or that one special mate.

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6. Your wedding is about you and your partner – no one else

There’s something about weddings that really brings out people’s interfering side. If you were throwing any other kind of party, from dinner at home to a christening, no one would think to question your choices. But because it’s a wedding, everyone from your nearest and dearest to your dentist has an opinion on how things ‘should’ be done. Well, Taurus, you’re in luck here: you’re known for being particularly stubborn, so you’re not going to let yourself be talked into anything you don’t want to do.

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7. You have several wedding Pinterest boards – and you just keep Pinning

Remember what we said earlier about Taurus enjoying the finer things in life? That extends to the way things look, so you’re going to make sure your wedding is as beautiful as it is fun. If your decor plans involve lots of flowers, you’ll pay attention to the scent and texture as well as the colour – as a real sensualist and lover of luxury, you want blooms that delight all the senses.

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8. Planning is not a 24/7 thing for you

If you’re a Taurus, chances are you’re really good at taking time out. While other signs might work and worry themselves into the ground, you always make sure you build in some pampering and me-time. Any why not?


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9. You can’t wait to be married

Typically, as a Taurus you love stability and feeling settled. For all the effort you’re putting into the celebration, you’re particularly looking forward to the part that comes afterwards: being married to the love of your life.

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