9 Things Every Aquarius Bride Will Know

If you’re an Aquarius bride it’s pretty likely you’ll already know that you’re independent, imaginative and not afraid to go off the beaten track with your wedding ideas – here are nine things every Aquarian bride will get.

1. You Got This

Aquarians are known for their independent nature – you can handle the wedmin on your own, thanks very much and you definitely don’t need your MIL’s opinions every five minutes. This is great news for your busy BMs, but be careful not to shut out your other half – it’s their wedding too!


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The Aquarius bride is an independent free spirit

2. You’re Doing it Your Way

As an Aquarius, you’ll know you don’t often follow the crowd. Wedding traditions seem dated to you and if it’s your wedding, you want to put your stamp on it. Everyone will be dying to see the twist you put on tradition.

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3. You’re Not Waiting Around

Aquarius brides are dynamic and don’t like to wait around – remember how impatient you were waiting for the proposal? Once you know what you want you don’t see the point in lingering. You’ve booked that date and you’re deep in the planning – there’s no long engagement here.

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4. About That Guest List

Aquarians get on with almost everyone due to their easy-going nature, so your guest list could start to rack up – unless you decide to go against the norm in typical Aquarius fashion and escape somewhere just the two of you. Surprising everyone you know with a ‘we just got hitched!’ announcement is so you.

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5. What’s For Dinner?

There’s no stuffy sit-down dinner for the Aquarius bride. Guests at their wedding can expect a chilled out barbecue, a hog roast or a quirky selection of food stands – and what’s the point of the seating plan?

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6. A Different Dress

You’re likely to think outside the box when it comes to your wedding dress. You can see the beauty of a white, full-skirted tulle dress, but it’s just not for you. As an Aquarius, you’re more likely to rock something attention grabbing like a sequined evening dress or a colourful gown that turns tradition on its head.

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7. You’ll Want to Talk

You’re not known for keeping quiet – whether you plan to give a bride’s speech or write your own vows, you’ll find a way to get your opinion and views across in your wedding. Why is it the women say so little in a wedding anyway?!

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8. The Party Will be Lit

Especially if you and your other half are both Aquarian! You’re a sociable person and you’re known for always finding the best new bars and restaurants to hang out in, so your guests will have high hopes for the wedding party.

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9. The Location Will Wow

As you always know the coolest new places to go and love to be seen at them, your choice of wedding venue will have to stand out. It can’t just be another hotel. Aquarian brides are likely to consider industrial warehouses they can adorn with fairy lights, museums or historic buildings with a story to tell.


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