9 wedding fails every bride should be prepared for

Anyone who's planned a wedding will know: if it can go wrong, it will. We asked real brides to share the big day mishaps they can (thankfully) laugh about now.


We know you want everything to be perfect on the day, but (trust us) if that doesn’t happen, you’ll still love every minute. Ladies, it doesn’t matter if…


1. …your first dance song turns out to be wildly unsuitable.

“For our first dance, the DJ played Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon from Pulp Fiction instead of Something Changed by Pulp. Most inappropriate first dance song ever.” Amanda

2. …your cake is outed as a fake

“The wedding cake on display was made of dummy tiers, while the real one was in the kitchen being plated for our guests. My favourite photo is of my husband and me laughing hysterically when we realised we were trying to cut an iced-cardboard cake.” Amy

3. …your MIL goes rogue

“My stepdad was running late to give me away, but my MIL, who was walking first in the procession didn’t realise. When the priest asked if we were ready, she just walked down the aisle – the rest of us followed 10 minutes later when my stepdad showed up!” Alex

4. …your first journey as newlyweds isn’t quite what you had in mind

“My dad missed the bus that was supposed to take him to the reception with the rest of the wedding party, so he had to ride in our car with us. I sat on the hump in the middle.” Kim

5. …you accidentally starve your guests

“After the ceremony, we drove to a nearby forest to have some photos taken, but lost track of time. Then, on the way back, the car broke down. We missed our drinks reception and the dinner had to be delayed.” Lisa

6. …your dog wreaks a terrible revenge for missed walkies

“The day before the wedding, my dog ate the sparkly flip-flops I was planning to dance in at my reception. I almost cried on my way to the shops and then again in the queue as the replacements weren’t perfect.” Lauren

7. …you suffer a wardrobe malfunction

“I got my shoe buckle caught in the hem of my lace dress as I stood up from kneeling down for the blessing. I had to hop back to the pew. Shame the Riverdance music wasn’t playing.” Tricia

8. …your new husband sets himself up for a lifetime of recrimination

“My husband was so nervous during his speech that he forgot to deliver part of it – the part containing all the soppy things about our relationship. I didn’t even get a mention.” Ellie

9. …the entertainment fails to impress

“My little brother cleared the floor to do a choreographed dance to Crank That by Soulja Boy. Everyone stared open-mouthed. I rushed on to the floor, thinking that this would encourage people to join in. It didn’t work.” Holly


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