A millennial’s guide to wedding planning

A survey of 500 millennial women showed some pretty interesting millennial wedding trends

Millennials get a pretty bad rep a lot of the time; from being obsessed with avocado (what?! it’s yummy!) to constantly being Instagram cliches, to having an unhealthy obsession with smart phones, there are a lot of millennial stereotypes out there.


A recent survey quizzed 500 millenial females about their wedding planning preferences, and here’s what they found – we think it’s pretty interesting stuff!

Marble and rose gold; a millennial dream

Planning on creating a hashtag for your wedding? So are 37% of millennials. We can see why; it’s a perfect way to keep track of all the guest photos your friends and family upload online. Check out our guide to social media etiquette at weddings for easy ways to keep social media under control.

Only 50% of millennials send out a physical save the date – it’s all about wedding websites now, don’t you know!

Only 35% of millennials have a traditional gift list, with many others opting to ask for money, or for contributions to their honeymoon.

42% of Millennials don’t want a hen-party; it’s all about bridal parties now – more sophisticated affairs.

We all know Instagram is a goldmine of inspiration when it comes to weddings, and nobody knows it better than millennials, with 25% finding their wedding vendors on the app.


Judging by these stats how millennial is your wedding?