A breakfast stack of three multigrain pancakes covered with maple syrup

Are these the world’s most delicious pancakes?

Ahead of Pancake Day, here are some of the most amazing types of pancake you can get across the globe, from fluffy American-style versions to Nutella banana roti. If you're a pancake-lover dreaming of an indulgent romantic treat with your fiancé, this is a must-read!

Here are some of the world’s most delicious pancakes, as compiled by Small Luxury Hotels of the World.


Fluffy shredded pancakes, known as Kaiserschmarnn, available at DasPostHotel, Tyrol, Austria

Fluffy Austrian pancakes shredded into bite-size pieces
Austrian pancakes served with rum-soaked raisins and caramel

Puffed sugar-dusted pancakes at The Dylan, Amsterdam, Holland

Fluffy, American-style pancakes dusted with sugar at Dutch Hotel The Dylan
These come with a choice of toppings, from banana to caramelised bacon

Green tea ricotta pancakes at Vintry & Mercer, London, UK

Green pancakes covered with flowers and fruit
Japanese-inspired pancakes containing Matcha powder

Nutella banana roti at Akyra Manor Chiang Mai, Thailand

Roti filled with freshly chopped bananas and a layer of Nutella chocolate spread
Cooked on a hot griddle, the roti is filled with fresh bananas and Nutella

Multigrain pancakes with rum Caramel banana flambé & almond butter at The Betsy South Beach, Miami, USA

A breakfast stack of three multigrain pancakes covered with maple syrup
These pancakes are filled with granola, topped with warm rum banana flambé and candied pecans.