best man duties

Best man roles and duties explained

He's the groom's main man, trouble-shooter and all-round organiser so choose your best man with care and brief him well

There’s more to being a best man that writing an amazing best man’s speech and planning a fantastic stag do (though those are key priorities, of course).


The best man is the main support for the groom in the months leading up to the wedding and has a whole list of responsibilities; read on to find out exactly what’s on the list of roles for the best man.

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As mentioned, the stag do is high on the list of priorities. Usually in consultation with the groom, the best man organises the stag do and makes sure everything goes smoothly. It’s also his job to make sure that the groom returns safely from his stag night – and with both his eyebrows intact!

Maybe not as fun, but even more important than the stag night, the best man is likely to go along with the groom to the suit shopping, helping out with selecting suits for the groom’s party (dad, ushers etc.).

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If your groom has decided to hire his suits, it’s the job of the best man to pick them up in advance of the wedding. Read our list of pros and cons for buying or hiring suits to help your groom make his decision.

Venue wise, as the best man plays such a big part on the day, it’s important he pays a visit to the venue in advance of the wedding day to make sure he’s familiar with it.

On the day of the wedding, the best man is charged with making sure the groom turns up on time – imperative! He is also the keeper of the wedding rings, so make sure he’s a trustworthy one.

He stands alongside the groom at the alter, acting as support until the bride walks down the aisle, so make sure he’s comfortable having lots of eyes on him, and is a calming influence in times of stress. You don’t want a jittery best man who gives the groom even more nervous energy!

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Once the ceremony is over, the best man usually accompanies the bride, groom and the parents to witness the signing of the register.

As everyone files out of the church/ceremony venue, it is the best man who escorts the chief bridesmaid/maid of honour, so make sure they’ve met before the big day.

Together with the ushers, the best man directs the guests towards the reception and organises transport or directions for anyone who needs it.

At the reception, the best man makes sure that guests know where the receiving line is (if there is one) or, alternatively, the bar – we suspect he’ll be good at that one.

Making a speech at the reception is probably the best man’s most obvious (and exciting) job.

Guests are often looking forward to this speech the most, ready for a laugh and joke at the groom’s expense. Just make sure he’s read our round up of what NOT to say during the best man speech.


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