Christmas Proposal Ideas: The Best Festive Ways to Pop the Question

Are you thinking of proposing at Christmas? We've got 13 romantic and festive ways to pop the question

It was revealed that 21% of people thought Christmas was the best time to propose – and we can see their point! The festive period is so enchanting, sparkly and romantic you can’t help but get caught up in the magic. We’ve come up with some beautiful Christmas proposal ideas to make sure your festive proposal is a dream come true.


Use the Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree is one of the biggest parts of Christmas together – choosing it, decorating it and then stashing the presents underneath it. Why not add a ‘marry me’ bauble to the tree, or swap the star on the top for a sparkly diamond ring and see how long it takes your partner to notice?

Image credit | Lou Magroos at Not on the High Street

By Christmas Card

Momentarily baffle your other half by giving them a Christmas card that says ‘to my fiancée’ and watch their face change as they process it. Write a touching message inside about how much they mean to you – we guarantee the card will become something you will cherish forever.

Image credit | Slice of Pie Designs at Not on the High Street

Box in a Box

If you’re a bit of a trickster, why not go for the box within a box within a box trick? Wrap up a huge box in fancy paper and decorate it with bows, and have your other half open it to find boxes in decreasing sizes, until they get to a ring box.

DIY Advent Calendar

This one takes a bit of work, but if you’re willing to go the extra mile your partner will never forget it. Create a DIY advent calendar with a different little gift every day – the last one can be a diamond ring.

Image credit | Little Wishing Well Co on Etsy

Say it in Lights

Invest in some outdoor fairy lights and spell out ‘marry me’ in the garden, before getting your partner to look out of the window. If you don’t have any outdoor space, doing it in the living room is totally acceptable. Just be prepared that it might take a while – have a friend on hand to take your other half out for some last minute shopping to prevent any nosiness.

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Christmas Photo Card

We LOVE this cute idea. Persuade your partner that you need to pose for a Christmas photo card this year – Christmas jumpers are essential, obvs. Get a photographer (a friend or a professional, up to you) in on it, and as you pose for your photos for the card, drop down on one knee. You’ll have the moment captured on camera for eternity, and it’ll make a pretty fabulous card to send out to everyone.


With Christmas Cake

It’s traditional to hide a silver sixpence in your Christmas cake, but they’re not so easy to come by these days. Instead, why not bake a ring into a Christmas pudding for your sweetheart to find? Disclaimer – make sure she actually likes Christmas pudding, and perhaps use a placeholder ring in case of any mishaps. And warn her to look for the ‘sixpence’ to avoid a cracked tooth – so not romantic.

DIY Christmas Cracker

Most supermarkets sell kits that allow you to make your own Christmas crackers. Get creative and make and decorate your own, stashing the ring in one of them. Just make sure it goes to the right person – you don’t want Aunt Mabel waltzing off with the diamond ring. Corny jokes are optional.


In the Snow

This depends on us having a white Christmas, or on you procuring some fake snow, but if you can pull it off it’ll be seriously magical. Write out your proposal in the snow before leading your partner outside to read it.

A Christmas Screening

In the run up to Christmas it’s super easy to go to a screening of a Christmas film – whilst you’re feeling all romantic and cosy it’s the perfect time to pop the question. Or why not organise your own screening at home – pick out the perfect film, get some hot chocolate and dim the lights to be super snug.

A Christmas Market Trip

Wandering around a quaint Christmas market is a quintessential festive pastime – make it even more special by including a proposal alongside the mulled wine and gingerbread. Head to one in the UK for a romantic day out, or jet off to Europe and make a mini-break of it.


Christmas Day Games

Everyone loves a good games session on Christmas day, right? Rig the family charades game by ensuring you’re asked to act out that Sandra Bullock classic, ‘The Proposal’, and turn it into an actual proposal.

Elf on the Shelf

This American tradition has been creeping over to the UK for sometime now – we say embrace it as a unique proposal idea. Amuse your other half by hiding an elf around the house, before surprising her by placing him next to a sparkly ring and a note asking her to marry you – it could become a cute tradition to continue if you start a family.

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