Eight lessons you never knew you’d learn from wedding planning

You’d be surprised how many useful life skills you'll pick up planning your big day

Engaged couples often tell us that planning a wedding is like a full-time job. Of course, what they’re really referring to is the amount of time the process takes up – but it also has a lot in common with the world of work in another way.


With every job you do, you pick up new skills and improve your existing strengths, and planning a wedding gives you the same opportunities.

Sadly, you probably couldn’t add those achievements to your CV – but when you’re struggling with the seating plan, or trying to choose between eemingly identical plates, remember that you’re adding to your wedding CV!

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Public speaking

Let’s face it, few people love to give a speech – but planning your bridal speech is your chance to polish those oratory skills.


Whether you’re haggling with suppliers or persuading your parents it’s not a good idea to invite distant relatives you’ve never actually met, planning a wedding can feel like it requires the people-wrangling ability of a UN negotiator.


This is a celebration that reflects you as a couple – but equally, you’re individuals with different tastes and interests. Making sure you work together for a day you both enjoy is key.


Semi-naked cake or traditional fruit? Children or no children on the day? Who gets a plus-one? If you’re indecisive by nature, this will force you to get used to making choices great and small…

Image: Ria Mishaal

Creative thinking

You can get the day you want, but you just need to do some creative thinking. For example, if your chosen venue is out of financial reach, why not look into having a weekday wedding there? By the time everything is over, you’ll be used to coming up with smart solutions.


Assuming you haven’t always had a w-day vision, it takes time to work out what will suit you, with so many diverse options out there. At least, that’s how you justify your 25 Pinterest dress-boards.

Project management

Unless you’re a professional event planner, or your dinner parties are unusually elaborate, this is probably your first experience of organising a large-scale celebration.

From making sure your make-up artist knows what time to arrive, to getting your bridesmaids in one place at the same time to try on dresses, your organisational skills will be undeniable by the time you take to the aisle.

Language skills

What does ‘corkage’ mean? Who is a ‘MoH’? And what exactly is a ‘charger plate’? When you can answer all these questions, you’ll speak fluent wedding.


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