How many glasses of champagne in a bottle? Wedding party questions and answers

The most popular wedding worries and questions from our You & Your Wedding forum - answered. From champagnes to canapés, cutlery to cocktails, we've rounded up the ten most contentious queries to help you plan the perfect celebration on your wedding day.

Do you know how many glasses of champagne there are in a bottle? What about how many canapes to allow per person? These are some of the many questions popping up in our forum. So, we’ve rounded up your hottest need-to-know wedding party planning questions, and come up with some definitive answers. Think of it as your reception 101!


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1. How many glasses are in a bottle of champagne?
A standard bottle of champagne is 750ml. If you’re being generous, this will give six large glasses. But, if you’re only half filling glasses for a toast, you could stretch one bottle of champagne to fill eight flutes.

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2. How many canapes should you allow per person?
As a general rule, allow 4-6 canapes per person. That way you’ve accounted for those guests who are on a 5:2 fast day, and also those guests who will hover by the kitchen door ready to hoover up everything that comes out. But, it does depend on the time of day – if canapes are your starter, opt for a more generous 6/7 per person. Bowl food is also a big trend right now – it’s a cool alternative to canapés or a sit down meal. Well, if it’s good enough for Harry and Meghan!

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An approximate guide to champagne bottles as glasses

3. How many crackers per person for the cheeseboard?
Opting for a cheeseboard or an unconventional cheese wedding cake? Then you’ll be wondering how many crackers you’ll need to buy to go with it. Allow around 100g of cheese per person, and 4-5 crackers to go with it.

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4. How many serving staff do I need?
The number of waiters you need at your reception depends on the type of meal you are having. For a formal sit-down meal, you’ll need one member of staff per 10-12 guests. If you’re having a more informal buffet reception, allow one waiter per 25 guests.

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5. How many types of cocktail should we have?
Keeping your guests watered with a creative cocktail menu can work out more purse-friendly than wine – and not to mention a whole lot more fun. We recommend two types of alcoholic cocktails and one none-alcoholic one to cater to all needs. Try a drinks station or pop-up if you want more of a menu – they’re a great idea for guests who want something interactive.

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6. How many different glasses do we need?
Delving into the world of glassware is enough to confuse even the most accomplished of bartenders (or bar attenders…). We suggest keeping things simple: champagne flutes, large wine glasses for red wine, smaller wine glasses for white wine, and water tumblers should cover it.

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7. Which items of cutlery will we need?
Another million dollar question, hiring the right type of cutlery – and the right amount – can be difficult. Order nothing until you’ve pinned down your menu. Lay out a mocked-up place setting to work out exactly what you need, and order around 5% extra of each item to allow for any drops. And remember: always start from the outside and work inwards!

8. How can I keep champagne fizzy?
Investing in a champagne stopper is certainly worth the money. But, did you know that dropping a spoon into the neck of a half-finished bottle of champagne will also save its fizz? Who knew!

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9. How quickly does champagne go off?
Unlike wine, champagne has a shelf life, and will go flat after time even if it’s left unopened. Although it depends on how it’s stored, as a general rule champagne goes off after 3-4 years. All the more reason to drink the leftovers when you’re back from your honeymoon! The only exception to the rule is very expensive vintage champagne, which is made to last for decades.

10. What is the best way to store wine and champagne?
The best way to store wine and champagne is horizontally – this is to keep the cork moist so that it doesn’t dry out. If you’re feeling really suave, keep bottles at a temperature of between 10 and 15 degrees celsius.


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