How to include your pets in your wedding

If your furry friend is part of the family, why shouldn't they be part of your big day? From adorable photo opportunities to personalised cake toppers, be inspired by our pet-friendly wedding ideas!

If you have a pet, chances are it’s crossed your mind to have them at your wedding. (Unless your pet is goldfish. Nothing against goldfish, but we’re not sure they’re the right wedding guests.) After all, you want everyone who’s important to you there at your special day, right? There are some practicalities to consider. First and foremost, will your pet be happy at the wedding? Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit or anything else, they might find the crowds and simply being in a new environment stressful. The last thing you want is an unhappy pet, so unless you’re very confident they’d be happy, and that there would be plans in place to keep them looked after throughout the day, it’s better to leave them off the guest list.


If you are keen to include your pet, make sure you add “are you animal-friendly” to your list of key venue questions. And if they do say yes, you still need to do your own site inspection to make sure the spaces are suitable for your particular pet. Are there any potential hazards? Is there a place for them to safely chill out away from the main event (supervised, of course). Think about decor, too – is there anything your pet could choke on or that could hurt them otherwise?

You need to have a clear plan in place for who’s going to look after your pet at every stage of the day. After all, the two of you will be somewhat occupied – particularly during the ceremony!

Make sure you include the fact that your pet is coming on your invitations and/or wedding website, so guests with allergies are aware.

Once the practicalities are in place, you can consider how you might include them in the photos – again, assuming you can ensure they’re comfortable. You could also consider having your petsitter bring your pet to the wedding for a brief period of time – just for photos, for example – rather than for the whole event. Make sure your photographer knows your intentions.


If you decide not to have your pet at your wedding, however, they can still be part of your day – think pet-inspired cake toppers and stationery. Check out our edit of the best ways to get your pet involved, whether or not they’re there in person (or rather, animal).

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