How to nail your Valentine’s Day proposal

A recent survey revealed what makes the perfect proposal, and restaurants are OUT

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner there’s not long left to plan the perfect proposal. Hopefully you’ve already got the perfect engagement ring stashed away in your sock draw, and have a proposal plan in mind, but just in case you haven’t, we’ve pulled together a little selection of stats that might help you get the proposal spot on.

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Valentine’s Day is a popular time to propose. Image: Getty

We have some survey results on what made the perfect proposal, and we were more than a little shocked by some of them, from AttractionTix. Read on and see if you agree…

Top five most important factors for the perfect proposal:

Location (35%)

The ring (31%)

The speech (16%)

The audience (11%)

Photo opportunities (8%)

Five most popular places to propose:

A sentimental location (65%)

A famous landmark (58%)

A theme park (51%)

A beach (39%)

A sporting event (19%)

5 least popular places to propose:

At a surprise engagement party (4%)

At home (7%)

At work (9%)

At a family event (14%)

A restaurant (17%)

Things that would put Brits off accepting a proposal:

Too many people watching (35%)

The speech not being romantic/thoughtful enough (31%)

A cheesy location (25%)


So, in summary, if you’re planning to get down on one knee next week, avoid restaurants, work (no brainer!) and the sofa, and write a heartfelt proposal speech, whisk your loved one off somewhere sentimental (but no too crowded), or pop her on a rollercoaster for a sure fire yes. Just don’t drop the ring while you loop de loop!