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How to throw an engagement party at home

Holding an engagement party doesn’t need to cost the earth. Unlike your actual wedding day, guests will only be with you for a few hours, so there’s no need to hold a sit down dinner, and in fact, there’s no reason not to hold your engagement party at home.


Planning an engagement party is a lot simpler than a wedding in every aspect; click through our gallery for our advice on how to plan the perfect at home engagement party.

Welcome board

Four to six weeks after the proposal is the perfect time to hold your engagement party; it gives you time to send the invitations out and do a bit of planning, like making playlists, buying paper plates etc. and sorting out any decorations you want

The guest list

Unless you live in a very large house, an engagement party held at home will require a smaller guest list than one hosted at a bar or restaurant. The general etiquette is that anyone invited to your engagement party will also be invited to the wedding, so hosting a small party at homes with limited numbers means you don’t have to decide on your final wedding guest list just yet! People will understand your home doesn’t have capacity for dozens of guests. READ MORE: How to create the perfect wedding guest list

Engagement party dress

Holding your engagement party at home means you’ll save lots of money by not hiring a space, so you can afford to splash out on a special new outfit. The fact that you won’t need to venture out of your front door also means you can wear whatever you like without considering the weather. Slinky dress in the depths of winter? Go for it! Check out our gallery of engagement party dresses to find your dream outfit.


A cake at your engagement party is by no means expected, but seeing as it won’t need to be transported anywhere, why not bake one yourself? If baking isn’t your thing, maybe one of your friends of family will volunteer to provide the sweet treats?

Flickering candles

It’s easy to create a party feel in your home; flickering candles add ambience to any space. if you’re wary of candles getting knocked over, strings over fairy lights can make a room just as cosy. Hang fairy lights in the kitchen, bathroom and corridors so the inviting glow doesn’t end when guests exit the main party room.


While a sit down meal isn’t necessary, if you want to serve nibbles other than a party table a selection of canapés is a great idea. M&S do a fab range that we can’t help tucking into at every gathering we go to.try these for inspiration.


The great thing about parties at home is that guests often come bearing gifts, of the alcohol variety! You’ll be overwhelmed with different drinks, so why not create fun engagement themed cocktails? Either rustle up your own recipe, or rename classic favourites after you and your parter – we’re thinking Claire’s Cosmpolitan, or Sam’s Singapore Sling – you get the idea!

Personalized goodies

There’s nothing like personalised goodies to put a smile on your guests’ faces – Etsy is a goldmine for little personal touches like this. You can also get an abundance of decorations for your home to give it a special occasion feel.