Plan your wedding in your lunch hour

Stop wedmin becoming a full-time job by blitzing through your to-dos over your daily sandwich

Printing out 150 wedding invites on your office printer and putting them in the company post is a sure fire way to land yourself in hot water at work, but there is a way to whizz through your wedmin during office hours and not get the boot.


Here’s our essential advice for making the most of your lunch hour so you can keep your evenings free for Netflix binges 😉

Write your wedding envelopes

No bride-to-be wants to spend weekends writing invitations when there are dresses to be tried on and favours to be made. It takes around 45 seconds to write out an address and stick on a stamp so make use of a spacious desk and grab your best pen. With the average guest list coming in at around 94, you could have your invites done and dusted in 70 minutes (that’s two lunch hours with time to pop to the post box, too – check out our guide on how to send wedding invitations).

Create a mood board

If you’re not already a Pinterest princess, sign up and start making mood boards. Our resident bride-to-be created a floral mood board at lunchtime, which was sent to her florist at the click of a button. One hour, flowers done!

Find your dream dress

Head to our dresses and style section, where in an hour, it’s possible to flick through our many dress galleries, make a shortlist of your favourites, find your nearest stockists and make appointments. Have a read of our advice on how to choose a wedding dress if you’re feeling overwhelmed.


Sort your stationery

Giving your final proofs a cursory glance in the adverts between soaps is not the best way to guarantee correct spelling and grammar. Instead, take proofs of save the dates, invitations and orders of service to work and, while you’re in a professional state of mind, get out the red pen and make sure everything is 100% before your stationer hits the print button.

Call your vendors

Getting hold of your vendors outside office hours or at the weekend when they’re at other weddings can be a nightmare, so pick up the phone over lunch instead. Remember to factor in the time difference if you’re having a destination do though.

Start a spreadsheet

If your home laptop or tablet is anything like ours we’re willing to bet Microsoft Excel doesn’t feature anywhere between Facebook and iTunes, so make use of the free tools on your work computer and sort spreadsheets in your lunch hour; anything from the budget to the running order. Just make sure you don’t bring your wedding spreadsheet to that afternoon’s meeting…

Create a website

Even the least tech-savvy brides-to-be can nail a wedding website in a lunch hour thanks to sites like gettingmarried.co.uk. It only takes two minutes to fire up your own web page and then you’ve got 58 minutes left for fun stuff like uploading snaps of your nearest and dearest (so they can meet virtually before the big day) and creating witty profiles for the bridal party.

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Order gifts

If your office is steps from the shops then get a lunchtime hit of retail therapy and buy gifts for your maids, parents and anyone who’s got stuck in with the wedmin. If you’re out in the sticks there’s always online shopping and, office rules permitting, you may be able to have parcels delivered straight to your office.

Research music

Visit our 50 first dance songs list, then head to YouTube where you can listen to around 20 songs in an hour. Remember to wear headphones though – your colleagues will quickly tire of Pachelbel’s Canon in D on repeat.

Shortlist suppliers


Use the opportunity of being in front of a screen to check out online reviews of your favourite suppliers. You’ll even have time for some sneaky Twitter stalking (use your mobile if your company doesn’t allow social media) to see if they’ll be fun to work with, click on links to their work and see their interactions with previous clients.