Close-Up Of Heart-Shaped Pancakes With Banana

Anyone for brunch? Romantic pancake ideas

Enjoy some sweets with your sweet, thanks to these cute - and delicious - brunch ideas for pancake lovers

It’s Pancake Day! If it’s your first Pancake Day as a fiancée or fiancé, we know you’ll want to make it extra special. That’s why we’ve put together some adorable ways that you can add some romance to your Shrove Tuesday. From deliciously sweet toppings to quirky cut outs, these ideas look almost too good to eat…


Chocolate & raspberry

Chocolate and raspberries make such a decadent combination. We love the silky richness of the chocolate sauce and tangy sweetness of the raspberries. Together they create a taste so desirable, you just can’t resist making it for your other half. The chocolate sauce is really easy to make as well. Just whisk sugar, water and cocoa in a pan over a gentle heat and keep adding water depending on how thick you like your sauce. Finally, top with raspberries.


Cut-out pancakes

This idea is pretty self-explanatory, but looks absolutely amazing. Fry up as big a pancake as you can and carve out letters to spell the romantic message of your choice. And then finish with either a sauce or toppings of your choice to boost the yummy-factor.

Heart shaped pancakes on white plate. I love you. Festive breakfast on white table. Top view.
It’s worth the effort! | Getty

Blueberry pancakes

Blueberries are to pancakes, what your partner is to you… a perfect fit! The combination is fresh but sweet and even better with a dash of double cream.

Stack of pancakes with blueberries on dark background. Vertical, closeup view
Simple yet delicious | Getty