Something Old Ideas: Real Brides Reveal What They Had

Need inspiration for your something old? We’ve got you sorted.

Of all the wedding traditions, one of our favourites is to include something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.


Something new is easy (your dress is likely to be new!) as is something blue, and something borrowed is a doddle too, but when it comes to the best ways to incorporate something old into your wedding day, we’re often left puzzling.

Should it be a vintage brooch borrowed from your grandma, a trinket your husband-to-be gave you in the early stages of your relationship, or a hair slide you wore on your first date?

We asked a collection of brides what they had as their something old, and came away brimming with ideas, so decided to share them – we hope they inspire you!

Image | Ariel Skelley

Parents’ Jewellery

Jewellery passed down from your parents is a classic choice to have as your something old; not only is it sentimental, it can also be a beautiful addition to your ensemble.

If you have a vintage engagement ring, jewellery handed down from your parents makes for a lovely complementing style for W-day.

“I’m having my mum’s pearl and diamond necklace,” FutureMrsWoolgrove writes on our forum. “It’s the first present my dad bought her as his wife.”

“I’m wearing a ring my dad gave my mum,” shares TC2017. “It was the last piece of jewellery he gave her before he died, and it must be about 36 years old now.”

“I’m going to have my dad’s wedding ring on a chain round my neck so that I can have something of his with me,’ adds Futuremrsb95.

“I love my mother dearly, and she leant me her pearl necklace and earrings, and I loved wearing them,” reveals Sophie177.

Image | Cinnamon Avenue Photography

Sentimental Jewellery

If you own a piece of jewellery that means a lot to you, it makes sense to wear it on your wedding day, especially if it was gifted to you by someone dear.

“I’m having the first jewellery present my husband to be got me as my something old,” says Jenni8. “ It’s a pair of white gold, pearl and diamond earrings.”

“For my something old I had the white gold cross and chain given to me for my 18th birthday,” shares SeptemberBride16. “We had a church ceremony so it was important to me to wear it.”

“I’m having a necklace my husband to be bought me for my 21st birthday, which I wear every day,” says Stephanie149. “It’ll be six and a half years old at our wedding and I wanted something special to both of us.”

Image | Ria Mishaal

Gifts From Grandparents

Sadly, many couples aren’t able to have their grandparents at their wedding, but there are plenty of ways to include them in your special day, particularly through your something old item.

Attaching jewellery that once belonged to your grandparents is a sentimental way to personalise your ceremony, as Rebecca Wilson, shares.

“I got married in September this year and had my granddad’s wedding ring as my something old,” says Rebecca. “I had it attached to my bouquet so that I could have it with me on the day and have it featuring in some photos. I chose this as my something old because my granddad passed away six years ago so didn’t get to see me get married, but left his wedding ring for my mum and I.”

“I had my nana’s amethyst brooch pinned to my bouquet on navy velvet ribbon,” shares Kirsty Penny. “We got married on Saturday and on the Monday my husband drove me to my nana’s grave so I could leave my bouquets there. I removed the brooch and the ribbon as my nana really hated velvet!”

“I wore my grandmother’s charm bracelet with many charms she collected all over the world over her lifetime,” says Lauren Kemp. “There was even a sixpence for the sixpence in your shoe tradition.”

“I’m going to have my grandfather’s name patch from his firefighter uniform sewn into my dress,” reveals Colette Floor Palmer.

“I’ve got a lace edged handkerchief that belonged to my granny that will be my something old,” says Tanywa128. “It’s the only thing I had when she died with the express purpose of having it as my something old for that far off elusive wedding day which is only now becoming real!”

“A brooch of my grandma’s will be used in my bouquet to hold the ribbon on,’ says Rachael 116, “I know I’m technically not wearing it but it’s still part of my outfit.”

“I had old photographs of my grandparents on my bouquet,” shares SarahC2016. “It was a special way of having them with me on the day.”

“I am having my great-grandma’s wedding ring as my something old,” says MrsKershawToBe. “She got married in 1932 and when she died she left it for my gran. I feel honoured to be given it and love that my gran took the time to ask my husband-to-be whether he minded if I had the ring or if he’d rather I had one he bought for me. Luckily he didn’t mind and I hope we will be as happily married as my great-grandparents were!”

If you’re lucky enough to ave your grandparents in attendance at your big day, why not give your granny the ultimate honour and embrace the trend of grandmas as flower girls?

Image | Claire Plumridge

Heartfelt Fabric

A beautifully sentimental trend for many brides’ something old is to sew a section of material from an old shirt into the interior of their wedding dress as a way to remember lost loved ones at your wedding.

“My dad died in a motorcycle accident 3 years ago, so for my something old I used a blue shirt of his and had a heart shape sewn into the inside of my dress,” says Joanna Bates. “No one really knew it was there apart from me and my bridesmaids but it made me feel like part of him was with me on my special day.”

“I lost my mother when I was eight and there really isn’t anything from when she got married to have as a something old, so I would like to start a tradition for when I have little girls or little boys who want something from our side of the family,’ explains Anna Roll.

“I’ve asked my step-dad, my dad and both my paternal and maternal grandfathers to give me a piece of an old blue shirt and I am going to have a small swatch of all of these made into something that I can sew into my wedding dress. They will all be at the wedding but maybe when they aren’t around, it will be something we can pass down.”

Vintage garters are many brides’ go-to

Vintage Garter

Wearing a vintage garter that was worn by the mother-of-the-bride or another close female is a popular choice for your something old, as Natalie Jane Pulman points out: “I’ll be having the garter that my mum got married in as my something old. She’s also having her wedding dress turned into bunting for the reception so I’ll have a big piece of my parents’ big day at mine.”

“I had my mum’s garter that she wore for her wedding 30 years earlier as my something old,” shares Rachietown. “It was also blue and borrowed so ticked those boxes too! It meant a lot to me to have something on me that belonged to my mum as I walked down the aisle.”

Image | RK Studio/Dean Sanderson

Beauty Goodies

Your something old needn’t be an item – why not consider a spritz of a perfume you wore when you were first dating your husband to be, or a lipstick shade beloved by your mum?

“When I was about six my mother bought me a pale pink, shimmery lipstick as a treat after hassling her for some lipstick of my own,” reminisces Luci Emb. “I never ended up wearing it but I have kept it safe for 21 years. It’s in mint condition and I’m going to be wearing it on my wedding day.”

“My something old will be a spray of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume, from the bottle that my fiancé bought for my birthday when we had been together only a couple of months- which was 8 years ago!” explains Sammykate. “That one bottle has lasted all this time, and he always notices if I wear it.”


If you’re not keen for your perfume to be your something old, perhaps you’d rather wear a new perfume on your wedding day and create a whole host of new memories.