The 7 wedding lies you tell yourself all the time

The little white lies you tell yourself during wedding planning

1. The healthy eating plan starts tomorrow


With the wedding countdown well and truly on, you’re determined to look the best you can in that look-at-me gown, but if it’s not the stress of the planning, it’s a catch-up with your maids that leads you to temptation.

2. The DIY wedding invites won’t take long

The dining room has become an Aladdin’s cave of arts and crafts, and your ambitious ideas about a wax seal and metallic paint are becoming less and less feasible every day.

3. Those sale bargains are essential 

If there’s a discount to be had, you’re all over it. Your husband-to-be might not see it that way, but we’re with you, a bridal bargain cannot be missed! It’s a mantra we’re happy to live by (lie or not).

4. The wedding insurance will get sorted soon

It’s one of those things that easily slips to the bottom of the list – because, quite frankly, it’s not as fun as cake tasting or deciding on your bouquet flowers. However, it’s really important that this kind of wedding admin does get ticked off, as IF a wedding disaster does occur, you’ll have it covered.


Epic wedding reception

5. It’s time to stand up to the mother-in-law

From adding her old school friends to the guest list, to vetoing your idea about a cheese wedding cake, her ‘helpful suggestions’ beginning to grate on you. You’ve rehearsed the ‘it’s our wedding so we’ll do it our way’ speech a thousand times over in your head, but once you see that deathly stare, will you actually be able to get the words out?

6. You‘re happy having a low-key affair

The 100+ people on the guest list and the five food stalls you’ve ordered seem to suggest otherwise… If you want to go lavish with your wedding party, then do it! Don’t be ashamed of wanting your celebration to be utterly fabulous.


7. You don’t need a wedding planner

If your budget spreadsheet hasn’t been opened in a month and your to-do list is now way longer than your arm (or perhaps your leg), it’s time to consider hiring some professional help. Or, if you can’t afford it, you could try and rope in your friends and family to do some wedmin tasks for you.

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