The most creative ways to announce your engagement

Share your exciting news with one of these fun and exciting engagement announcement ideas

With a wow-worthy diamond ring sparkling on your finger, it’s time to share the happy news with your nearest and dearest, but how are you planning to announce your engagement?


With social media at our manicured fingertips, it’s tempting to let the world know with a simple Instagram post, (over a third of British couples share their engagement on social media BEFORE telling their family!), but there are so many fun and exciting ways to announce your big news that it seems a shame to waste the opportunity to get creative.

We round up our favourite ways to announce the news, from traditional to wacky.

Image | Julia Davila-Lampe

The Traditional Route

After you’ve phoned your close family and friends to let them know that he’s put a ring on it, brides with a penchant for the old school may want to announce their engagement in the local newspaper like Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie did, or send out cards to announce the news to friends far and wide.

Sending out cards means there’s a little delay between him popping the questions and the news dropping through their letterboxes, giving you time to enjoy your brand new fiancé secretly and revel in your own happiness for just a few days.

If you’re keen for the whole nation to hear your happy news, why not write to BBC Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright? He announces engagements on his Sunday Love Songs radio show – just make sure you tell all your pals to tune into his show; imagine all the texts and phone calls you’ll receive after your news is broadcast over the airways for all to hear!

Image | Martin-dm

Party Time

We know it’s tempting to shout it from the rooftops, but if you’re able to keep the news under wraps (and you’re a planning wizard!) you could throw an impromptu engagement party to announce the fact you’re now a fiancée.

Don’t tell your guests what the party is in aid of and watch the surprise and joy on their faces when they find out – we’re getting giddy just thinking about it!

Image | Instagram.com/ladygaga

Social Media Sharing

While in the early days of Facebook it was customary to simply switch your relationship status from “in a relationship” to “engaged” to let the online world know your news, there are so many other fun ways to use social media to announce your engagement.

One of the most popular ways is uploading a snap to Instagram – depending on how creative you are, you could go for a simple snap of your ring saying “I said yes!” or you could let your imagination run wild involving all sorts of props.

Pop princess Pixie Lott announced her engagement on Instagram, with a ring selfie – we’re sure you’ve seen loads of snaps like this in your timeline. It’s an announcement style that never gets old – simplicity is beautiful, after all.

Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad went for understated engagement announcements too, leaving their rings to do the talking.

If you want to keep your engagement announcement simple, but a little more spruced up than a standard ring show, why not share photos of you and your partner clinking champagne flutes with the ring clearly in shot?

Why yes, it does!

Another fun way to show off your engagement ring is clutching a fun slogan mug, like this one from Not On The High Street, saying “does this ring make me look engaged?”

Image | Instagram.com/goldalamode

If you’re more of a take out coffee kinda gal, posing with your beloved Starbucks cup is a fun and modern way to announce your engagement – it’s certainly a more fun thing to have written on your cup than your misspelt name!

Image | BGDL

Fun and Games

Show off your playful side with an adorable scrabble announcement, spelling out “I said yes” or “Love” with the O as an engagement ring.

If games are your thing you could snap a photo of a monopoly board with your ring on the “luxury tax” square as hint to your newly engaged status.

Continue the fun and games on your wedding day with our pick of the best summer lawn games for outdoor weddings.

Image | Holly Hildreth

Animal Antics

Get your furry friends involved in your engagement announcement for extra cute points.

We adore this corgi engagement picture and would love to recreate it, if only our dog would stay still!

Another loveable way to help your pets announce your engagement is by placing a placard around their neck with the happy news written on.

If, like us, your pets are a little on the naughty side and can’t be trusted to help out with your announcement, check out our ideas for including pets in your wedding.

Chalkboard Announcement

Create a fun engagement announcement photo using chalkboards – you can hold one that says “he stole my heart”, while your fiancée holds one that says “so she’s stealing my last name!”

If writing messages is your thing, we love the photos where brides-to-be write “I said yes” on the palm of their hand and face it to the camera with their ring just on show – ideal if you’re having a place holder ring while working out how to choose an engagement ring.

Deck the halls with engagement announcements

Christmas announcement

If you got a brand new fiancée for Christmas (25th of December is one of the best dates to propose, don’t you know?) why not announce your engagement with a Christmas decoration? Either upload a photo to Instagram or just hang it on your tree and wait for your guests to spot it when they came over.

Not the most subtle of announcements…

Jumper Announcement

Okay, it might not sounds romantic and glamourous, but hear us out.

Cosy up in this jumper that shows you’ve been upgraded from girlfriend to fiancée and either upload it to social media, or head out to meet friends wearing it – imagine the looks on their faces when you remove your coat!


With everyone now in the loop with your super exciting news, it’s time to start thinking about the wedding, for a start, you’ll need to know how to plan an engagement party… it’s going to be a busy few months!