The top 10 films to watch before your wedding

Gather your bridesmaids and put on one of these movie classics to mark the countdown to your own happily-ever-after moment

We admit that we’re fans of cheesy romances more than most. Boy meets girl, boy and girl share witty banter and accidental romantic interactions (how exactly did you both find the same piece of spaghetti, Lady and the Tramp?), boy and girl fight, boy and girl make up and share a princess-like wedding. Well, it goes without saying that the romantic misadventures of beautiful people are best consumed when you are about to embark on a romantic adventure of your own. So here is a selection of some of the best films to watch on the night before your own fairy tale…


1.     The Wedding Singer

This movie has it all. It’s funny (one of the few times Adam Sandler was ever funny!), it’s relatable (because it’s always the taken ones that we seem to fall for) and it is painfully adorable (church tongue!).

2.     Bachelorette

A raunchy, girly comedy that turns out to be surprisingly sweet at times. There seems to be a character in it for each of us – from control freak Kirsten Dunst to sarcastic, alternative party girl Lizzy Caplan.

3.     My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A shockingly underrated flick! It is a romantic, cheerful love story but it is also the story of an unconfident sheltered woman who had to discover her own identity before she met the man of her dreams. In case you feel you need a little inspiration before the big day.

4.     27 Dresses

Doubling as fashion advice if you’re still stuck on your bridesmaid gown selections, this one is also a film that can help you reminisce on your own love story. For anyone who ever felt the big day would never come, this one is for you!

5.     Corpse Bride

For those who have a gothic side, this Tim Burton claymation classic boasts a few rollicking musical numbers as well as a twist ending. Put it on the list if you’re looking for something outside of the norm.

6.     Bridesmaids

Possibly one of the best modern wedding movies of our time, this is a film that celebrates the relationship between friends leading up to a wedding as opposed to the obvious one between the bride and groom. Bonus points for relevant feminism.


7.     Wedding Crashers

In case there is still any lingering worry over whether you are going to miss all of the fun of being single (and honestly it is very overrated), this is the movie for you. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson jump from wedding to wedding, selecting pretty young things for one night stands until they finally both realize that sometimes all you need is that one perfect person.

8.     Meet the Parents

Because no matter how much you had to go through to plan this wedding, you will never be as perpetually unlucky as the couple in Meet The Parents…

9.     The Proposal

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have crazy chemistry in this and Sandra does a jig to Get Low, which is simply magical.

10.  The Hangover


If you don’t subscribe to the notion of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding, watch this with your fiancé and feel proud that you both managed to get through your hen party/stag do unscathed.