This tool predicts whether you’ll have rain or sun on your wedding day

It’s actually quite scientific

While wedding photos in the rain can be quite incredible, and snow on your wedding is undeniably magical, we know most couples wish for the sun to shine on their wedding day.


Using 86 years’ of Met Office rainfall data, high street retailer Monsoon have analysed every day throughout the year to establish which days have historically been the driest and which the wettest.

Image | Jo Hastings

The “Wedding Day Wedding Calculator” has been created to help predict the chance of rain on any given date, in specific areas of the UK.

April brides, you’re in luck; it’s the driest month pf the year, with April 15th being the driest day on average for the UK.

November is the wettest month of the year, with the 11th officially the wettest – don’t forget your brolly, November brides!

August might seems a good bet for your wedding, but it’s actually the wettest of the spring and summer months… we blame the school holidays!

To use the calculator simply select your potential wedding date and the which part of the country you’re looking to wed. The calculator will then share the percentage chance of rain, as well as further information on the driest day that specific month.


Just enter your date below – let us know how you get on! And if you do get a rainy prediction, read our 10 tips for surviving a rainy wedding day.