Wedding usher duties explained

They are the first friendly faces your guests will see at the ceremony, so make sure your ushers know their role

Although ushers aren’t as central to your wedding as the best man – they don’t have to make a best man’s speech, after all – they do play a very important part in the big day.


If you (or your ushers) are a bit baffled as to what they should be doing on w-day, read on to find out all about the roles and duties of the ushers on the wedding day.


As friends of the groom, the ushers are obliged to attend his stag night – while they don’t have to be involved with organising the perfect stag party, their attendance will definitely make the night that little bit more fun for all involved.

After being involved in the mischief and debauchery of the stag night, the ushers are required to put their sensible hats on for the big day themselves. They need to arrive early on the day to greet the first of the wedding guests, and the head or chief usher is responsible for escorting the groom’s parents and the bride’s mother to their seats.

As the guests start to pile in, ushers help guest find their seats, by asking if they’re with the groom or the bride and might hand out the orders of service.


Traditionally, ushers escort the bridesmaid out of the church at the end of the ceremony – keep this in mind when choosing both your bridal party and the ushers – you don’t want any awkward situations!

After the ceremony, the ushers are responsible for making sure everyone knows where they need to go for the reception, be it a few yards away, a trip in the car or on pre-arranged wedding transport.

They’ll need to herd up stragglers leaving the ceremony and make sure no man is left behind!

All in all, we think the role of the usher is one of the most fun on the big day – an absolute honour for your partner’s male relations and dearest friends.


Now you’ve susses out what ushers do, swot up on the mother-of-the-groom roles and responsibilities.