What do your most frequent emojis say about your wedding planning style?

What do your most used emojis say about your wedding planning style?

It’s a common fact wedding planning is like, 90% group chats and emojis that depict how you’re feeling. Whether it’s the bridesmaid group chat, your family group chat or the one you have with your in-laws that you mostly try and ignore…


The team at You & Your Wedding has done extensive research into our most used emojis and we’ve deduced what kind of a bride you are based on the characters that appear in your ‘frequently used’ section. What do they say about you?

What do your emojis say about your planning style?

If hearts appear

You’re a total romantic and you and your partner are sharing out the planning equally – we can feel the love!

If the crying with laughter face appears

You’re a bit of a joker that has some crazy wedding ideas

If a thumbs up appears

You’re getting a LOT of ideas from everyone – potentially unwanted and unnecessary – but you’re too polite to say.

If the blowing a kiss face appears

You’ve got *the* most helpful BMs in the group chat

If the heart eyes face appears

You’re still in the ‘totally obsessed with Pinterest’ stage

If the crying face appears

You might just be a bit overwhelmed – there’s still a lot on your wedding planning checklist to tick off!

If the bride emoji appears

You have some bridezilla tendencies but you’re totally adorable about it so it’s fine…

If an unamused face appears

You’ve got in-laws that won’t stop with suggestions and ideas and you’ve got an understanding partner you can vent to

If the sunglasses face appears

You’re a total pro at negotiating and can pull off the best deals

If a fearful face appears

You’re not such a planning pro. Who knew weddings cost so much and how can you save some money?!

If the princess emoji appears

You’re a straight up diva and can’t even hide it

If the huffing face appears

You’re a bit of a control freak – remember to compromise!

If the clapping emoji appears

You have a super supportive fiancé who can’t do enough to help you – #teamwork

If the ‘OK’ hand appears

You’re totally bossing this planning thing – you are the Beyoncé of wedding planning

If the sparkle emoji appears

You’re a fairytale princess who is living out her happy ever after

If the fire emoji appears

You’re a lucky bride with the most amazing bridesmaids ever – your bridal party is LIT

If the confetti cone appears

You’re a total party animal and you’re set to have the most fun wedding ever!

If the 100 emoji appears

You’re pretty much done with all your planning because you’re super organised

If the ‘see no evil’ monkey appears

You’re a procrastinator and you’re burying your head in the sand about what you have to do – get on with the planning, girl!

We looked at some of the teams most used emojis to figure out what it says about them. Content Writer Zoe Burke frequently uses hearts, which suggests she’s a bit of a romantic but there are a fair few unimpressed faces in there showing she’s not the easiest to please.

Zoe’s most used emojis

Marketing and Events Assistant Kat Jennings is clearly mildly stressed out – the knife, the fist and the black heart add a bit of tension to the mix, but there are a fair few sassy selections in there too so we’re not too worried about her…

Kat’s most used emojis

Content Writer Melanie Macleod is definitely the fairytale princess of the team – the lips, princess and bride all point to this. There are a fair few cheeky emojis in there too – although the broken heart suggests disappointment when her request for a Kim K style flower wall was shot down. We’re not even going to comment on the fact she hasn’t updated to the latest lot of emojis – too busy planning everything to perfection, perhaps?

Melanie’s most used emojis

If your emoji use points to you being a slightly stressed out bride-to-be, why not read our list of wedding worries? It’ll make you laugh and take your mind off all that wedmin!