Why bowl food is the biggest wedding food trend

Harry and Meghan's wedding food choice is causing quite the stir

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are turned their backs on the traditional wedding breakfast in favour of bowl food, where guests are encouraged to mingle while they eat, we predict it will become one of the biggest trends in weddings.


Bowl food is miniature individual portions of classic main dishes, eaten standing up, and served by waiting staff – sort of like a cross between a buffet and canapés.

“It’s certainly an altogether more relaxed, inclusive and informal way of bringing guests together,” says Helen Hopkins, wedding planner at Pudding Bridge. “For those that want a laid-back ambience for their wedding, it’s the perfect choice compared to a sit-down meal.”

We’ve rounded up five reasons bowl food is a great option for weddings.

Can you pictured The Queen tucking into this?

1. Bowl food is a unique way to share your love story; rather than telling your tale via unusual table names, do it with food – choose meals that mean a lot to you, such as a family favourite or a dish from your most-loved restaurant.

2. Bowl food allows for more diversity; rather than having just two menu choices, you can have a total mix of different flavours and cuisine – there’ll be something for everyone!

3. With this in mind, bowl food saves you a lot of RSVP admin, since you won’t have to make a note of everyone’s choices.

4. If you dread the thought of a sit down meal and just want to relax with your guests, bowl food is the answer. It means your guests won’t have to sit down for as long as they would with a traditional meal, creating a more laid-back day.

5. Hungry guests are a worry for many brides; with bowl food, waiting time is eliminated. Staff can circulate with food from the minute everyone arrives at the reception – like canapés, but more filling!


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