Would you want to be proposed to via social media?

58% of brides to be say they’d like it if their man popped the question on social media.

There’s no denying we’re living in an increasingly digital world; the first thing most of us do when we wake up is scroll through Facebook, and before lights out it’s a quick click through twitter, but how would you feel if you spotted a proposal from your partner in your mentions?

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We have to say, it’s not exactly what we always dreamed of when we imagined our man popping the big question, but 58% of women in the UK picked social media as their preferred method for a tech-based proposal.

32% of ladies surveyed by ChilliSauce said they’d prefer a proposal over the phone, while 6% selected over text and just 4% over email – not exactly romantic, in our eyes, but time efficient, we guess?

Take Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland, her fiance proposed over Skype!

15% of women surveyed said they would hope their partner would propose using a digital device, while just 6% dreamed of a proposal encompassing poetry and songs.

It seems getting to the point is becoming ever-more popular when it comes to proposals, as 51% of women voted that they’d prefer their partner to simply ask “will you marry me?” rather than complicate the question – only 5% of people surveyed said the longer the better with proposals.


We already know that almost a quarter of women are disappointed by their proposal, and we regret to admit, we’d be joining them if the big question came in the form of a little red flag on Facebook.