Explained: The Order of Wedding Speeches

Wondering what order the wedding speeches go in? We've decoded it for you

For many people (us included) the speeches are a highlight of w-day; it’s chance to toast the new couple, and we often end up with a stitch in our side from laughing, and with a tear-stained face from the extra emotional anecdotes – father of the bride, we’re looking at you. 


If you’re planning your wedding day and wondering which order the wedding speeches traditionally go in, we’ve decoded it for you. And if you need any other speech-related help, we have the ultimate guide to writing your speech, too!

We demystify the order of speeches

When shall we do the wedding speeches?

Typically, speeches take place after you’ve eaten, although many couples are choosing to switch this up and hold the speech section of the day before the food, to allow people who have to give speeches to relax, rather then feel nervous all through the meal waiting to deliver their speech.

Another option is to do a speech between each course of the meal; it stops the dreaded speech fatigue and keeps each one fresh, as well as giving time for each course to go down. Nobody likes a rushed meal! 

What order do the speeches go in?

1. Father of the bride

The father of the bride traditionally kicks off the speeches; his speech normally includes a welcome to the guests, a thanks for coming, and an abundance of sentimental and heartfelt stories about his daughter throughout her life, before rounding off by welcoming the groom to the family. 

We don’t know about you, but this is definitely the speech that makes us reach for the hankies most! 

If your dad loves the limelight from his speech, it’s worth considering doing a father-daughter dance – don’t blame us if you cry the whole was through it, though…

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The groom’s speech will have your guests rapt

2. Groom

After your dad has finished his speech, it’s traditionally time for the groom to take the mic. If you’re doing speeches one after the other, the flow can be helped along if the previous speaker introduces the next one up. 

Your groom’s speech will thank both sets of parents, most likely, as well as the best man and ushers, and will include a mention of how beautiful the bridesmaids look. Normally, the bride will be the main focus of the groom’s speech; we recently heard a great one where the groom talked about how much he was looking forward to their life together, and how he knew no matter what, they’d always be having a great time. The tears definitely flowed! 

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3. Best man

The speech section of the day tends to round up with a speech from the best man, and it’s often the most hotly anticipated one of the day, packed full of (possibly embarrassing) anecdotes about the bride and groom. It normally guarantees laughs and tales of the groom and bride’s relationship, from his point of view. 

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While this is the traditional order of speeches, you by no means have to stick to it. This is 2017 after all! If you want to give a speech, go for it. We know we’d love our maid of honour to deliver her side of the story with tales of our years of fun. 


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