Video: Maid of honour RAPs her speech to Ice Ice Baby

Brides and bridesmaids, if you watch one YouTube video all day, make it this one

How do you make your maid of honour speech truly stand out? Rap it to the tune of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby of course!


Chief bridesmaid Rachel created her own lyrics for her performance at sister Hayley’s wedding, and it went down a storm.

She started her speech by discussing the different ways she had considered doing her speech, such as making it part of a workout routine (no, us neither) or singing. But instead of those, she went with her own version of Ice Ice Baby , which is based on the baseline of Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie.

Maid of honour rapping
Maid of Honour Rachel on the mic

It’s difficult enough choosing your first dance song, let alone deciding which track to use as the basis of your important wedding speech. Rachel doesn’t reveal why she chose this particular song. However, Vanilla Ice’s 1989 hip hop song is a fixture on cheesy wedding playlists, so it was a particularly suitable choice!

Rachel’s revamped rhymes included:

  • “They’re married, baby, Paul and Hayley. Paul, you picked right right baby.”
  • “Paul, we’re all so proud so take a bow. Mainly because she’s your problem now.”
  • “Happy, that’s what they are together, not just today but for ever and ever.”

Of course, if you’re planning a non-traditional wedding, there are other ways to go about it – check out these alternative wedding readings, for example. But we reckon that having a rapping maid of honour is a pretty great way of adding some unconventionality to your celebration. The only thing is, you’d have to persuade your bridesmaids to do it – in front of all your other guests!

Of course, rapping isn’t just for your maids. Some hip hop beats could add character to the best man’s speech. Or maybe the father-of-the-bride speech could do with some Jay-Z or Kanye-style flavour?

In any case, in Rachel’s words, we’ll leave you to enjoy her performance… “Yo wedding guests, let’s kick it!”


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