2019’s biggest wedding stationery trends – and the trends that are over

These are the wedding stationery trends we'll be seeing a lot of in 2019

You’ll have heard it countless times, but your wedding stationery sets the tone for your whole wedding day; as soon as the invites pop through your guests’ letter boxes, they’ll have an idea of the theme for you day, from colour palette to the vibe of your decor.


Read on to see the biggest trends in wedding stationery for 2019 – and the styles we think will be out of the window in the new year. 

Scroll down to see if your stationery ticks the trend boxes… 

Wedding stationery trends for 2019

Illustrated wedding stationery 

For an extra personal wedding, many couples commission hand-illustrated designs of their venue, and use this on their stationery. Some couples even opt for illustrations of themselves,

Courtesy of www.sarahwants.com

Destination inspired wedding stationery 

With destination weddings getting more and more popular, this is being echoed in the stationery through the incorporation of maps, travel inspired visuals, and even scents or flowers local to the country.

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Sustainable wedding stationery

Couples are increasingly having eco-friendly weddings, and we’ve even heard of plastic free weddings. In line with these, we’ve seen a rise of interest in sustainable, environmentally friendly wedding stationery, made from recycled materials. 

Courtesy of Ananya

Dark coloured stationery

While pastels and pinks are commonly associated with wedding stationery, darker hues are taking centre stage, as a formal but modern option.

“We love that more couples are opting for bold colours, and aren’t afraid to balance unusual combinations of dark, neon, jewel tones, and neutral hues for balance,” says Vaishali Shah of Ananya Cards.

Courtesy of Papier

Watercolour stationery

We love the dreamy vibe that watercolour stationery creates; it’s a super-Instagram friendly style, so while you won’t be choosing your stationery purely for the ‘gram, it doesn’t hurt that it would look amazing on your social media feed. 

Stationery trends that are over 

Though it’s sad to say, trends come and go, and there are few stationery styles that we’ve absolutely loved, but it’s now time to say goodbye to…

Copper, rose gold, and blush are on the way out, according to Vaishali.

“We’re seeing a decrease in the focus on these shades, which have had a fantastic run over the last 12 months. We’re seeing more experimentation with mixed metallics, and a comeback of silver and chrome.”

Tropical wedding stationery has seen better days too; a few years ago you couldn’t move for palm prints, but it’s time to step away from the foliage. 

“The trend for the tropical look is evolving, with stationery featuring fewer designs of oversized palm leaves and more proteas, pastel-coloured orchids, and quirky florals like anthurium,” says Vaishali. 


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