Everything you need to include on your wedding stationery

Choosing your stationery can feel as overwhelming as choosing your dress – an invitation sets the tone of the event and will undoubtedly become a treasured memento of your day. Here's everything you need to include on your wedding invitations

There’s more to creating the perfect wedding invitation than nailing your wedding invitation wording – making sure to include all the vital information is key to minimising questions from guests.


The more informative your invitation, the better informed they will be.

As well as details of the venue and time, your invitation should give guests other helpful information. You might like to let them know about local accommodation and travel. Many stationery designers will offer an ‘info sheet’ or you could easily put one together yourself, neatly folded and sent along with the invitation.

Read on for everything you need to include on your wedding invitations.

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Key wedding information

Before committing one drop of ink to paper, it’s vitally important to have the correct information. Confirm your wedding date, book the venues, double-check all addresses, phone numbers and web URLs – getting this right the first time will avoid costly reprinting.

When, where and what to wear

Make sure you let your guests know exactly what they’re invited to. If there’s a dress code or theme, make it crystal clear to avoid any embarrassment.

RSVP information

Don’t hide your RSVP information; make it easy for guests to reply by letting them call, email or post their response. Specify an RSVP date then shout it loud. Knowing your numbers early will help you to plan efficiently and could save you £££.


Many of your guests will want to stay overnight so it’s important to provide them with a list of accommodation near to your venue.

This should vary in price so that there are options for those who don’t want to spend too much, and for those who would like to splash out. See whether you can get any room-rate deals for your guests – some hotels might offer a discount if you book a certain number of rooms.


All guests will appreciate details of how to get to the ceremony and reception venues, especially if they don’t live in the area. As well as road directions, it can be a good idea to give details of local train stations, airports and taxi firms for those who are using public transport.

Gift List

Traditionally, it’s considered impolite to mention the gift list in your invitation. However, it’s becoming more popular and acceptable, and many guests will appreciate being given details of your list.

The mention should be discreet, and politely written – the last thing you want your guests to think is that you expect them to buy a present.

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There can sometimes be confusion as to whether children are invited.

Generally, if their names aren’t on the invitation, they’re not included, but you may feel that you would like to make this clear. It can be wise to put a short sentence saying something like ‘Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, we’re unable to invite young children. We hope this doesn’t cause you any inconvenience’.

Read our article on how to write a no children wedding invitation wording examples for advice.

Dress code

Strictly speaking, dress code is only ever mentioned if you would like guests to wear black tie.

If you love the idea of the men in dinner suits and the ladies in evening dress, put a simple note at the bottom of the invitation saying ‘Black Tie’.

It’s not necessary to write ‘formal dress’ or ‘lounge suits’ if you would like people to dress smartly – guests will naturally dress up for a wedding. If you’d like guests to wear a particular style to fit in with your wedding theme, let them know, and give them as much help and guidance as possible – perhaps even lists of local costumiers.

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Menu information

If you are having a sit down meal, it’s common to include menu cards for your guests in the invitation; this either allows them to tick the options they would like if you’re having several meals to choose from, and it’s also an opportunity for your guests to let you know if they have any dietary requirements.

Include tick boxes for meat and vegetarians options, along with a space to write any allergies (gluten or dairy intolerance, for example).

If you’re not sure on your menu at the time of sending invitations, you could write something like: “We can accommodate most dietary requirements, including vegetarian or vegan meal options, with advanced notice” so they know to let you know with their RSVP.

Other info

Have a think about anything else you think your guests might like to know. You may, for example, like to give them an idea of the time the party will finish.

It is also an idea to let them know what time the bar will close and indicate whether you are having a cash bar so that people will come prepared with money to spend.


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