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How to write a romantic letter to your husband on your wedding day

Planning on penning a romantic message to your husband-to-be? Follow our advice for love story worthy letters.

As couples are often separated from the day before the wedding until they meet at the end of the aisle, we think it’s a wonderfully romantic idea to pen a letter to your spouse-to-be for them to read on the wedding morning.


If you’re thinking of writing something special to your husband on the wedding day but are feeling a little daunted at the thought of putting pen to paper, we’ve created a guide to get those creative juices flowing.

Whether you’re hoping to write something funny and light hearted that will ease any wedding morning nerves or would like to pen something straight from the heart, we’ll help you to convey the right message. All you’ll need to do next is select the perfect card or piece of stationery!

In 2019 it’s very rare that we put pen to paper and write down our feelings and we think wedding mornings are the perfect time to indulge in a bit of old fashioned romance. Along with your photos and wedding guest book, the letters will serve as a lasting memory of your day – imagine reading them again together in 30 years!

Celebrate your love by writing down exactly what it means to you on the biggest day of your lives with our top letter writing tips.

Writing a letter to your husband



Say how you feel

Make sure your letter comes straight from the heart, it may feel cheesy or cliché when you start but your husband-to-be will really appreciate a meaningful message on the day you say ‘I do’. Even when we’re getting married and spend all of our free time together, we can often forget to say how we truly feel or take for granted that the other person knows. Let them hear it from you with a thoughtful letter.



Be honest

Are you feeling nervous? Excited? Are you itching to get down that aisle? It’s absolutely fine to be upfront about how you’re feeling. Chances are your husband will be feeling the same way and will be reassured to read your thoughts. You can even add in a few of your best in jokes to ease wedding day nerves.


Jot down your ideas

Many of us can spend hours sitting and trying to think of the right thing to say and inspiration only strikes as soon as we’re out and about! To avoid forgetting any gems, carry a notebook around with you so you can scribble down your ideas or make sure you have an app to record your thoughts on your phone.

Writing a wedding letter


Talk about the future

While most of your material will be about everything you have experienced together so far, it’s important to mention your future together too. Your wedding day marks the beginning of the rest of your lives together, so feel free to mention any hopes for the future – you’ll love looking back on them in a few year’s time!



Find a writing spot

The last thing you need is for your husband-to-be to find you spilling out your innermost feelings ahead of the day, the letter should be a sweet surprise and so you need to pick a quiet spot where you’re unlikely to be disturbed. Don’t forget to find a good hiding place for your masterpiece too!



Find someone to deliver your letter

Seal the letter in an envelope and give it to your maid of honour or the best man for safe keeping. They can deliver the letter at an appropriate time and ensure no one else sneaks a peek before the groom himself.