This Invitation to a Cat Wedding is Giving us all the Feels

Ever been to a cat wedding? No, us neither.

We’ve been invited to a few weddings this summer, but we have to say, we’ve never been to a cat wedding before. But, since seeing this adorable invitation doing the rounds online, we desperately want to go to one!

All our best wishes go to Silver and Pedro

This purrrrfect hand written wedding stationery invites guests to a cat wedding, where it is promised the cats will be dressed up nicely, yet guests need not get all dolled up – a wedding that we don’t need to buy a new dress for is a wedding we want to go to. 

While a tuna cake isn’t really up our street, we’re still totally on board with these nuptials, but we can’t help but wonder what their budget was – handwritten invitations certainly will have saved them a pretty penny! 


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