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The wedding tradition Tom and Giovanna Fletcher ignored

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher had one of the most memorable celebrity weddings ever - but there was one wedding tradition they chose to ignore

This year saw Tom and Giovanna Fletcher celebrate their six year wedding anniversary, giving us an excuse to watch Tom’s amazing wedding speech one more time, and while we’ve seen dozens of gorgeous photos from their day over the years since they tied the knot, there’s one wedding tradition we didn’t know they’d completely ignored.


Tradition says that after your wedding, you should freeze the top tier of your wedding cake, then defrost it and eat it on your one year wedding anniversary. It’s considered to be good luck and is a positive omen for a long life together.

Tom and Gi got as far as freezing the top tier, but they waited until this weekend to eat the cake! Over six years! And the reason wasn’t a romantic one – it was much more relatable; they simply needed to clear space in their freezer.

Tom posted to Instagram: “The top tier of our wedding cake has been sitting in our freezer for 6 years!!! I’m not sure if we were meant to keep it that long but it was time to clear some space in the freezer so we defrosted it and had a nibble! @mrsgifletcher was very happy about it.

It was made my the brilliant @julietsear and was the tastiest wedding cake ever!!! ?”

Is this a wedding tradition you’ll be following?


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