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Things to do on your first wedding anniversary

Fancy celebrating in style? You'll love these romantic suggestions.

Congratulations! You’ve been married for a year and we think it’s high time you celebrated!


The saying goes ‘the first year of marriage is the hardest’ and whether or not that rings true for you, we still think you should start as you mean to go on and do something special. From group celebrations to romantic escapes, we’ve got the best first wedding anniversary ideas.

Since your big day you’ll likely have faced your first few dilemmas as a married couple, shared some new experiences, laughed, cried and worked together. We think this is more than enough reason to put some serious thought into how you’ll celebrate.

A fun-packed party or night out on the town is perfect for party animal couples, while a romantic getaway could be just the ticket for busy couples looking to spend some on-on-one time together, simply relaxing.

Whatever you choose, we think that packing a few of your wedding photos or making sure you have access to your wedding video is always a good idea. Your anniversary is the perfect excuse to revisit your special day and share your favourite memories with each other.

Speaking of your wedding day, we think first anniversaries are also the ideal opportunity to bring out a bottle of the wine you drank on the day or pop the cork on some wedding gift champagne, if you have any you’ve been saving. Perhaps you could even recreate the meal you ate or enjoy a slice of cake in the same flavour as your wedding cake.

If you’d like some more inspiration on how to mark your first wedding anniversary, read on for our favourite celebration ideas.


Organise a party

Reunite your guests and/or bridal party for a fun get together and toast your first year of marriage as a group. If you got married in a hotel or held you reception at a pub or restaurant, you could hold it in the same place or simply get everyone down to your local.

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Go on a trip

A romantic getaway is a classic anniversary idea. Perhaps you married somewhere a little further from home and would like to head back there or maybe there’s a place that’s been on your ‘to visit’ list for ages. Whatever you choose, the trip will give you chance to spend quality time together and reflect on your w-day memories.

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Go on an adventure

Challenge yourself and do something neither of you have ever done before, whether it’s skydiving, hiking up a mountain or surfing. You’ll feel amazing when you’ve completed it and you can even whip out the champagne when you’re done!

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Cook up a storm

Light some candles, set the table and use the ‘good’ plates! Whether one of you would like to surprise the other with a home-cooked meal or you fancy giving a new recipe a try, a romantic meal is always a winner. Stick on your wedding video as you sip champagne on the sofa afterwards – bliss!

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Go to the theatre

Get dressed up and head out for a night at the theatre. Arrange for champagne to be chilling at the interval and grab a bite to eat somewhere romantic beforehand. If the theatre isn’t your thing, you can always hit the movies for a good old rom-com instead!

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Recreate your first date

Head back to the place you had your first date and reminisce on how you met and think of how far you’ve come! Make sure you take a photo of yourselves in the same spot to look at for anniversaries to come!

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Head to the spa

For a truly romantic break, book a spa stay and indulge in a couple’s massage. You’ll love spending the day doing nothing but just being together, plus it’s a great excuse to spend the day in a robe!

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