Interior of a quirky marquee, decorated for a wedding

10 things to ask your marquee hire company

The experts at share their insider advice on hiring a marquee for your wedding. It's crucial to avoid misunderstandings, so these are they key questions you need to ask, to make sure you know exactly what you're getting

Marquee weddings have all the ingredients to make an extremely fun, personal and unique wedding, say, the UK’s only marquee comparison and booking website.


All your guests are together in one space (not spread between different rooms), the stunning views add to the romance of the day, and best of all, there are no strict venue rules to follow!

Now, all of this sounds really lovely – and it is. However, this wonderfully planned experience for you and your guests could all go wrong if you don’t find the right marquee company and, fundamentally, the right marquee!

Before you sign on the dotted line and pay a deposit, ask these ten questions to ensure you have the right marquee from the right company.


Can I have a breakdown of costs in the quote?

As every couple knows, trying to keep a grip on the wedding budget is always a challenge, and one made more difficult when you are sent “package quotes” which only give you a total price. You should ask your marquee supplier for a breakdown of costs so that you can pick and choose the items you need, and cut out the items that are driving up the cost.


When will the marquee be delivered?

Marquee weddings are unique. Each marquee wedding is different and this is part of their charm, but marquees are not out-of-the-box products. Once they are erected at your site, you will need at least half a day to a day to decorate the marquee to your own taste. Ask your marquee supplier how many days prior to the event you will have to decorate your marquee.

Inside a blue and white striped marquee at a wedding
Marquees come in all kinds of different designs. Image by Amy Sampson Photography

Do you own the furniture, marquees and equipment, or are you hiring it from another company?

Not all marquee companies own the stock that you are hiring from them and some won’t even own the marquees! How is this possible? Well, some marquee companies have become so busy that they have outgrown their warehouses, meaning they have to hire furniture from local hire companies or from other marquee companies. Because they are hiring the equipment and then sub-hiring it to you, there may be an additional cost.


Do the trestle tables require lining?

Rustic trestle tables are extremely popular at marquee weddings at the moment. They are slightly more expensive but they do not require lining (that is, a table cloth) – so if you’re hiring these from your marquee company, you should save on the cost of linens. However, do not assume that the tables you are hiring will look like the tables you have seen on Pinterest! You need to ask the marquee company about the quality of the tables. If they require lining, you may want to hire your rustic trestle tables independently.

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Can I have a site visit?

A site visit is when the marque company comes to your wedding site to check its suitability for a marquee. A site visit is a great opportunity to meet with the marquee company prior to booking.


Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, it’s a bit of a boring one, but it is really important. Always ask the marquee company if they have public liability insurance.

A wedding marquee by a river
Marquees are suitable for all sorts of venues

Can I change my order after booking?

Wedding plans change all the time and for a number of reasons. If you feel that you may need to invite more guests or reduce guest numbers, ask your marquee supplier if you can change the order after booking. Most marquee companies will say this is absolutely fine, within reason, i.e. you can’t invite another 100 guests two weeks prior to the event!


Can you draw me bespoke floor plans?

Pictures and videos are great to inspire you to have a marquee wedding, however, they are not that practical. You need to understand how big the marquee is, what the limitations are for table layouts, and, where the bar, stage, dancefloor and chill out zone will be. Ask your marquee company to draw you a bespoke floor plan prior to booking to ensure you have the right amount of space in the right marquee.


Is our deposit refundable?

Unfortunately, things sometimes do go wrong and for a number of reasons. Your deposit, within reason, should be refundable if you were to cancel. However, this depends on the proximity to your event. After you pay the deposit a marquee company will lock your date into the calendar and turn down all new offers – as you can imagine, the marquee companies can lose out big on a lot of money and work if you were to cancel very close to the event. So if something does go wrong always let the marquee company know ASAP, and ask them from the offset about their cancellation policy.


Can the marquee be opened up if it’s sunny, and, easily closed up if the weather turns bad?

Prepare for all weather and nothing can dampen your big day!