Are These the Weirdest Wedding Venues of all Time?

Don't fancy a church or registry office wedding? Take a peek at these instead

We’re all for going against the grain when it comes to choosing wedding venues; think charming pub venues and sporting hotspots, but have you ever considered going totally against the norm, and tying the knot at McDonalds or at a discount store? No, us neither.


But Wilderness Reserve, a sprawling estate in Suffolk dotted with delightful accommodation, has put together a list of bizarre venues, and we’ve half found ourselves falling in love with them.  

Fancy a spooky wedding?

First comes Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania – the ideal venue for horror fans who want to inject a little bit of terror into their big day (as if your new mother-in-law wasn’t bad enough!).

Visually it look like the fairytale castle of your dreams, but historically, it’s the stuff of nightmares… 

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Fancy getting hitched with a backdrop of the golden arches?

Second on Wilderness Reserve’s list of wacky venues is McDonalds. Even if you love McNuggets, we doubt it’s the wedding breakfast you’ve dreamed of.

However, Ohio co-workers Tyree Henderson and Trish Lynn Esteppe married where they’d met a few years before, in their local branch. Customers carried on ordering their Big Macs as they shared their first married kiss – how romantic! 

Will the wedding be 99p too?

Ready for another bizarre venue? How about your local discount store? Normally for buying dodgy batteries and multipacks of toothbrushes, we can’t quote imagine saying ‘I do’ in store, but it has been done!

Several years back, nine couples were picked to wed at a Los Angeles’ 99 cents only store to celebrate the date 9/09/2009.  The couples said ‘I do’ on aisle 9.

Saturday night at the movies

Now this one we can get on board with; many a romance started in the plush velvet seats of the cinema, so it’s a sweet idea to hold a wedding there too.

The Little Theatre in Bath does a full-on wedding experience with fake film trailers, drinks and popcorn – think of the theme possibilities too! Invitations that look like tickets and popcorn as a post-ceremony treat – so kitsch!

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With all of these quirky wedding venues in mind, are you feeling inspired to host your big day in somewhere a little unique?