Marquee weddings

Great ways to create a party atmosphere in your marquee

Marquee Weddings – Decoration Paper Lanterns


Decorate, decorate, decorate


Make the most of the considerable height from the floor to the ceiling of your marquee to create eye catching decorations. These paper lanterns from Confetti, £2.99 for 6, will do the trick.

Photo: Flourishing Events

Marquee Weddings – Paper Hanging Birds


Buy these hanging paper birds from £10 each, Lush Designs.

Marquee Weddings – Dangling Hearts Decoration


You can make these dangling hearts yourself using petals, foam card and ribbon to create a playful, feminine effect.

Photo: Rachel Barnes

Marquee Weddings – Fairy Lights And Birdcages


Wrapping fairy lights around marquee poles combined with hanging birdcages, from £28, Laura Ashley, with lights stuffed in them, from £30, Think Gadgets (020 7232 5077) can have a pretty effect.

Marquee Weddings – Floral Arrangments


And choose at least 2-3 gorgeous high floral arrangements to top off the look.

Marquee Weddings – Lighting Up-Lighters And Spotlighting



There are three brilliant ways to transform your marquee from a tent to a fabulous party space. 1. Try up-lighters installed against the walls of the marquee or use colour break ups on the wall instead for added interest, from £325, White Light (020 8254 480).
2. Organise spotlighting to highlight dramatic areas like the cake table, buffet tables and the chocolate fountain! 3. Cosy, sensual candles or side-table lamps create a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Marquee Weddings – Heating And Air Conditioning


Think heating and air-conditioning

Even on the coolest British summers’ evening, your guests will feel the heat on the dance floor after a couple of drinks. So get air-conditioning, or give fans as favours! Fans, from £2.45 for a personalized fan with bride and grooms’ name, Fanfair (0113 286 4840). In the winter, make sure the heating is well set up and consider a back-up plan just in case.

Marquee Weddings – Chill Out Area Bedouin Tent


Chill-out area

For guests who need a break from the dance floor or wouldn’t set foot on it, create a chill-out area where they can chat, Bedouin Tents (0117 330 8150), with comfortable seating from chairs to oversized floor cushions or even sofas. Bean bag chairs, from £30 to hire per day, Great hire (020 7121 0333). Also check out Stop Gap Sofas to suit any style of wedding, 3-seater from £100 to hire for 1-5 days (020 7386 5424).

Marquee Weddings – The Bar


The bar


Most of your guests will be drinking all night long, so why not create a feature out of the bar? Lit up bar to hire, from £415, Bash bars (01737 210 979) or get Bars by Design (01273 564 777) to create a bespoke bar to fit in with your colours and wedding theme. The bar could be complemented with lit up battery operated poseur tables from Awesomefx (0845 644 6510) from £70 each to hire.