What your wedding venue says about your marriage

Where you decide to get married can say a lot about you, and what your relationship with your future husband will be like.

Whether you decide to get married in a hotel, castle or on the beach, it says a lot about your personality, and therefore your relationship.


Read on to find out how your wedding venue might affect your marriage (no nasty surprises, we promise!).

Stately home

Nothing means more to you than getting married in a stately home, you’re at your happiest surrounded by loved ones. Your marriage will be based on those core values of family, love and friends, and you will be the one hosting the big gatherings every year.

Photo | Blenheim Palace

Hotel ballroom

Nothing short of perfection will do. You like everything to be just so, and will work hard to make your marriage the happiest it can be – but that doesn’t mean you can’t kick back and have a ball (pun intended)!

Photo | The Dorchester


Much like the venue itself, you will treat your marriage as a blank canvas, something that you can ‘decorate’ together for a beautiful result. Neither of you can resist a challenge and you look forward to this big new one.

Photo | The Ferry House Inn

Outdoor wedding

You’re a free spirit and will apply that same mentality to your marriage. Nothing will fester as you discuss issues freely and always look for a solution.

Photo | Rhinefield House Hotel


Nothing but the grandest will do for you! You like the finer things in life, but you’re also very generous too, meaning you’ll always have a treat or two in store for your husband.

Photo | Leeds Castle

The beach

Laid back is your middle name, but that’s not to mean people can walk all over you. Much like the waves, you’re a force to be reckoned with. You’re happy to let the little things slide for the sake of a happy marriage, but will put your foot down where it really counts.

Photo | Royal Corinthian Yacht Club

Museum or art gallery


You’re a creative person at heart and aren’t planning on having a conventional marriage. You’ll constantly keep your husband on his toes and solve any problems in a creative way.

Photo | London Museum of Water and Steam