11 groom sins to avoid

How to stay in the bride's good books as you plan your wedding day

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s easy for the man to take a back seat. But don’t think that a laid-back groom equals a happy bride! We’ve already dished out the things that a best man needs to avoid doing but grooms have their own set of rules, too. Just steer clear of doing these 11 things to make sure you start married life off on the right foot. 


1. Don’t lack interest in the details

We get it… it’s not that you’re not interested, it’s just that you’re pretty laid back whereas she seems to really care about chair back fabric and flavours of sponge cake. But it’s time to start forming opinions unless you want her to think this wedding planning malarkey is a one-man job and all you’re going to do is turn up.

2. Put some thought into the ring

Your leading lady will be over the moon when you propose – even if you decide to present her with a Haribo sweet instead of a diamond. But when it comes to buying the real thing, treat her to something that will stand the test of time and sparkle brightly when you’re celebrating 50 years of marriage.

3. Don’t forget to do something personal

Because heartfelt vows or a hand-written letter for her to open on your wedding morning means more than a thousand sparkly rings.

4. Don’t sack off wedding events

Don’t let on that spending a day at a wedding fair isn’t your thing if she seems really excited about it. Go along, chat to suppliers and just think of all the drinks down the pub you’ll have earned afterward!

5. Don’t be too diplomatic

Think you’re being the peacekeeper by not taking sides about wedding decisions? Wrong! The bride will be looking for back-up when that meddling Mumzilla puts the pressure on. Play the human buffer and just agree with your wife-to-be.

4. Don’t have your stag the night before the wedding

Unless you want to be eyeing up the baptism font as something to potentially throw up in as you’re saying your vows, have your bachelor booze-up well before the big day.

5. Don’t drink before the ‘I dos’

On that note, go easy on the hip flask that’s stashed in your inside pocket. (Yes, we know it’s there – just remember there’s Dutch courage and then there’s drinking the whole of Holland).

8. Don’t go groomzilla

Asking your ushers to shave off their facial hair, cover tattoos or get into shape just isn’t cricket. Let them be themselves rather than obsessing about getting the perfect pictures.

9. Don’t forget the guys’ jobs

Even if the bride is throwing herself into the whole wedding thing, there are some tasks you will need to arrange yourself – unless, that is, you want to be the bloke who lets his wife dress him in a purple velvet suit on his wedding day.

10. Don’t forget to delegate

Your ushers will be proud as punch to be assigned special roles, so don’t play the hero by taking everything on yourself, especially when it comes to the hectic wedding morning. (We’ve seen Don’t Tell the Bride and putting last-minute touches to the venue looks stressful).

11. Don’t forget to toast the bride


You’re going around the room thanking everyone for coming… but the real reason you’re there is her, of course. Don’t be shy in telling everyone exactly why you think she’s a pretty special lady.