11 wedding planning resolutions to keep

Getting married next year? Congrats! Here are the resolutions that you should definitely keep if you want a stress-free wedding.

Photo | John Nassari

If you’re planning a wedding, you might feel like the big day is suddenly not that far away, but don’t panic. We’ve got all the resolutions you need to keep for a perfectly stress-free wedding!


1. Sit down and write a to-do list

You’ll feel much better once you’ve done it, and be realistic about your goals, you don’t need to plan it all right this second. If you break it down into small steps, it’ll seem less daunting.

2. Do a bit of planning every weekend

It may seem like there’s no need to start this early, but if you’ve got all the small bits sorted, the week before your wedding will be a breeze. So start planning this weekend, even if it is something small like buying those giant balloons.

3. Write everything down

Whether it’s on a spreadsheet or in a wedding planner, take note of everything you’ve done and everything that still needs doing. Sounds obvious, but this way you won’t risk forgetting anything.

4. Set goals for the groom

Most brides know that while grooms have all the best intentions, they sometimes need a little bit of gentle nudging (ok nagging), so draw a timetable and remind him of his goals and when he needs to achieve them by. (Getting his suit is an easy one to give him!)

5. Trust your wedding suppliers

Remember you are paying your suppliers for a reason: they are great at what they do. So don’t give yourself extra work by trying to plan every single thing, and simply delegate.

6. Get the legal bit out of the way

You need to give notice of marriage to your local register office a minimum of 28 days before the wedding, but do it as early as possible to avoid any mishaps.


7. Give yourself a break

You don’t need to start planning as soon as you’ve left work. Allow yourself a bit of downtime for dinner and a movie, then you’ll have a clearer mind. It’s also totally acceptable to watch kitten videos on YouTube when it all gets too much.

8. Learn to let go of the little things

You’d be surprised how many couples have blazing rows over tiny things like stationery fonts and napkins. We’re sorry to say this, but most guests won’t even notice, so focus on the things that really matter.

9. Go on a date

Once a week, have a date night with your groom. It’s easy to lose yourself in wedding planning and forget that you’re doing it all to marry the man of your dreams (yes, cheesy we know).


10. Stick to your budget

It’s SO easy to go over budget when you see all those extras you simply MUST have (like a popcorn station). Create a budget spreadsheet to keep an eye on it all and decide what’s worth it and what’s not.

11. And finally… enjoy it!


Remember, you’re planning the best day of your life, and it only happens once, so have FUN.