12 things every bride should have on her wedding day

Not sure what to put in your bag on the big day? Here are 12 wedding day essentials you must have in your bridal survival kit

Some wedding-day essentials are obvious: lipstick, phone, your mum, etc. But, there are other parts of your bridal survival kit we guarantee you won’t have heard of. Have you thought about popping straws and chalk into your clutch? Thankfully, big day help is at hand. Armed with our 12 must-haves for your wedding day survival kit, you’ll be fully prepared for even the biggest of big day disasters – let’s just hope they’ll stay firmly in your bag!


1. Clear nail varnish

From quickly fixing a chipped manicure to stopping runs in stockings and even holding on a button that’s on its last thread, clear nail varnish is a big day essential.

2. Tissues

Let’s be honest now… a few tears will be shed. Pop some tissues in your clutch – or a white handkerchief for extra ladylike-ness – for those weepy moments.

3. Cereal bars

Constant cheek kissing, guest greeting and champagne sipping means it can be difficult to remember to eat when you’re the one in the white dress. Pack a couple of cereal bars to snack on and keep hunger (and hangovers) at bay.

4. A fake wedding ring

All our fingers are crossed that this won’t happen, but just in case the best man has a ‘mare, pack a £5 cheapie in your bag.

5. Blister plasters

Don’t let pinching heels and rubbing toes stop you from throwing some serious shapes on the dancefloor. If all else fails, there’s nothing more endearing than a barefoot bride who chucks her heels in the corner at the end of the night.

6. Straws

No bride can keep her lipstick intact while drinking a glass of wine. Using a straw is not only a whole lot more fun, but keeps your lips looking photo-ready all night.


7. Safety pins

In the heat of the moment, there’s no time to faff around with a sewing kit. If you’re about to walk down the aisle and there’s a wedding dress emergency, you’ll thank your lucky stars you popped a few safety pins in your bag.

8. Double sided tape

A roll of dress tape shared between you and your maids will be a lifesaver – especially when you’re sweaty on the dancefloor and it’s time to re-apply.

9. Mints

‘You may now kiss the bride!’ Make sure your breath is perfectly fresh for your first marital peck, and pack some mints (not chewing gum – eww) in your bridal survival kit.

10. Hairpins

A bit of a bridal no-brainer, but certainly not one you want to forget. Coat your pins with hairspray before popping them in your clutch for extra staying power…

11. Hairspray

…which leads us nicely on to our eleventh essential item: hairspray. The little gold can that saw you through ballet classes and many nights out has earnt its place on your big day too. Well, if it’s good enough for Cheryl…

12. Chalk


It turns out you can cover up smudges or dirt that might get onto your dress with chalk – who knew?!