12 things that happen when you find your true love

These things are bound to happen when you've fallen for someone big time

When you find The One, your life gets tipped upside-down in the best possible way. You’ve got your partner in crime; your wingman; the butter for your bread; the cheese on your toast. But what makes this human-being stand out from the rest? Well, he makes you feel like this…


1. You find it ridiculously hard to get out of bed while he’s still asleep. He’s keeping you warm, dammit, and you can’t wait a whole day to be in this snuggly duvet nest again. One more snooze on the alarm can’t do any harm…

2. You share each other’s pain at the small annoyances that would make your friends roll their eyes. So when THERE ARE NO CORNETTOS LEFT AT THE CORNER SHOP, he’ll totally care as much as you and you’ll get a sympathetic response.

3. You’ve been imagining what it would be like to have his surname from the moment you met. It’s not creepy, it’s thinking ahead!

4. Love songs you used to hate are suddenly weirdly appealing. The lyrics really speak to you! Die-hard metal fans find themselves daydreaming when Unchained Melody comes on the radio (even the Gareth Gates version).

5. You find yourself in situations you’ve never been in before, such as cheering on a football team you’ve never heard of while your numb fingers freeze to your coffee cup. But as long as he does the same for you, you’re happy to take part in his passions.

6. You struggle to imagine his life before you were in it. What did he do with all his time before your dinner dates and lazy lie-ins?

7. But when he tells you something about his past, you feel like it’s happened to you. Empathy is strong emotion when it’s linked to someone you love.

8. You want to call him when you see something really mundane that you know will make him laugh. A pigeon that just walked into another pigeon? You can’t believe he missed that!

9. You miss him when he pops out for an hour, or even goes to brush his teeth. It takes all your self-discipline not to join him in the bathroom so that you don’t have to be apart.

10. The two of you are so joined at the hip your friends have made up a blend name for you!

11. You’ve seen each other at your worst and your best, and the attraction never waivers. So what if he’s got his head in the toilet with a hangover when he’s the love of your life? And you can even forgive him for getting food caught in his beard too.


12. You both eat whatever you want. Putting on a few extra pounds is a sure sign you’re happy and in love.