12 Things you Need to Know About Wedding Fireworks

Do you have all the info on how to finish off your big day with a bang?

Looking for a way to inject magic, glamour and undeniable sparkle into your big day? Why not light up your night with a dazzling wedding firework display?


While they’re sure to make your big day go off with a bang, it’s not a case of simply setting up the rockets and listening out for the “oohs” and “aahs” of your delighted guests. There are plenty of things you need to consider before you light the fuse on your wedding fireworks.

Image | Shan Fisher

1. There are time restrictions

It’s against the law in the UK to set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am. So, if you’re planning on lighting up the night with wedding fireworks, you’ll need to organise it before the last dance.

2. But, there are exceptions…

Fireworks can go on until midnight on Bonfire Night, and until 1am on New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali – great if you’re organising your big day to coincide with another special occasion. 

3. It’s down to the venue

Ultimately, it’s up to your venue whether they allow fireworks or not. Nine times out of 10, venues insist on firework displays being carried out by professional, licensed companies only. And, there will be extra charges involved. It’s also worth checking out local rules and regulations, as the legal technicalities can vary between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Image | Shan Fisher

4. You can’t set them off in a public place

It’s illegal to set fireworks off in a public place or in the street, so you’ll need to make sure it all happens on private property.

5. Always let the neighbours know

Unless you’re tying the knot on a far-flung Scottish estate, it’s polite to tell the neighbours a couple of weeks beforehand that you’re planning a fireworks display. Check with your venue for any quirky bits of local etiquette: we’ve heard of everything from notifying airports and coast guards to ringing round the neighbourhood three days before!

6. You don’t need a licence

Contrary to a few flying rumours, you don’t need a licence to set off consumer fireworks. But, if your chosen venue regularly organises wedding fireworks, they may well have insurance – always a plus.

Image | Shan Fisher

7. Don’t risk it with dodgy dealers

Always buy fireworks from licensed shops, which have been approved by the authorities. Fireworks from market stalls, white vans, and ‘my mate Dave’ are almost certainly illegal, so don’t run the risk.

8. Fireworks + animals = no

We’ve all seen the Bonfire Night edition of Blue Peter enough times to know that cats, dogs and other farm creatures definitely don’t love Bonfire Night. If you’re getting married on a farm with plenty of animals, the chances are fireworks won’t be allowed. Keep this in mind if you’re dead set on having fireworks at your celebration. 

9. Slow time-lapse photos look amazing, but need planning!

If you’re splashing out on sparklers, a time-lapse (or long-exposure) shot is one of the pictures you should ask your photographer to take. This style of photo makes it look like you live a in a real-life fairytale – you will definitely have spotted them on Pinterest!

Time-lapse photos aren’t the simplest for your photographer to take though, so make sure they know in advance that you want one of these taken so they are prepared.

This type of photo needs to be taken in the dark, so if you’re having a summer wedding, consider whether it’s in your budget to have your photographer stay the extra time until it’s dark enough to capture the magical shot. 

Image | My Beautiful Bride

10. Sparkler send offs are equally spectacular

Create that once-in-a-lifetime feeling and ask your guests to create a walkway with sparklers for your send-off. You’ll feel like a filmstar strutting through the glitter – just make sure your veil isn’t flammable!

11. Be safe when children are involved

We’re sure nothing bad will happen, but, just to be safe, keep all little guests close by when it’s firework time, and be sure to warn them it’s going be a little noisy, in case loud bangs give them the spooks.


12. It’s the perfect way to end the night with a bang

Above all, there’s nothing quite like looking up at fireworks in a starry winter’s sky hand-in-hand with your brand new husband – it truly is a fairytale ending to your big day.