15 things you’ll hate about wedding planning

People say it's all fun and games wedding planning, but NO one warns you about these.

Photo | Rex

1. People will bug you about setting a date
The buzz of the engagement soon wears off, and every time you see your friends and family, they pressure you to pick a date… even though it’s only been a month.


2. Getting hundreds of quotes from suppliers
You’ve become a pro at copy pasting emails, that’s how many you’ve sent to various suppliers asking for quotes. The only thing is, then you get loads to sift through, and how do you pick?

3. Your non-bridesmaids will make you feel guilty
It’s subtle all right, but there will be digs from those who didn’t make the cut, so be prepared to grin and bear it.

4. Your actual bridesmaids not caring
Yes, yes, we know they’re not supposed to drop everything and oh and ah over every single detail, but you know, once or twice might be nice…


5. You’ll have meltdowns over tiny things
If someone told you a year ago that this time next year you’d be crying over napkin colours or stationery, you’d have laughed in their faces. Now mostly you just try and grab the tissues while simultaneously pulling your hair out.

6. You will have to chase RSVPs. A lot.
You’d think giving people an actual deadline to reply would be clear enough, wouldn’t you?

7. Nothing prepares you for the table plan
“Doing the table plan is such a relaxing thing to do while having a lovely glass of wine,” said no one ever.

8. Guests will not play ball
No matter how often friends say, “Your wedding, your rules”, there will be some who think it’s ok to invite their children if you don’t want them to, or ask for special treatment.


9. Your parents will say ‘that’s not practical’ about everything
“Guests WILL love that inflatable photo booth mother!”

10. Your dad will moan that everything didn’t cost that much “in my day”
Yes dad, that’s because it was THIRTY years ago.

11. Your mum might not like your wedding dress
You know that bit in the movies where the mum cries when she sees her daughter in a wedding dress for the first time? It’s called fiction for a reason. Expect something along the line of, “Hmm it doesn’t look very weddingy” or “Are you sure you want to wear white *hint hint*?” (true story).

12. You’re probably going to go over your budget
Nothing prepares you for just how expensive everything is. You will hyperventilate at invoices more than once.

13. Everyone will ask you when you’re having a baby
Er, is it ok to get married first? Thanks.


14. Certain guests will be fussy about the food
“Oh we’re sorry, is all that lovely free food not to your taste?”


15. There will be so many things to think about you’ll worry your brain won’t cope
Seriously, so many. Like, who knew you could get charged for the cake stand by the cake company? Spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are the key.