17 #NewlyWedProblems every bride and groom can relate to

"This is my boyfriend... No, husband, he's my husband!"

1. When you’re opening your gifts.


2. When you can’t get used to your name change.

3. When you feel you can’t make anymore big decisions right now.

4. When you realise you’re going to have to fork out for a new passport.

To legally be a “Smith” is going to cost me a bajillion dollars #newlywedproblems

— Eva Sorensen Smith (@chumanisoren) July 21, 2016

5. When old habits die hard.

6. When you realise how much admin goes into changing your name.

7. When you have a serious identity crisis.

8. Like, seriously.

9. And practising that new signature…

10. When people keep waiting for you to get pregnant.

11. And you get a bit of pressure from your family.

12. When you have to deal with real issues.

13. When you write the thank you cards.

I have a paper cut on my tongue.. #SealingEnvelopes#ThankYouNotesForDays #NewlywedProblems

— T. Mok (@raylor_toss) October 1, 2014

14. When you have existential thoughts.

15. When you can’t bring yourself to put your dress away.

16. When you need to fill the wedding-planning void with a new project.


17. When you need to put the wedding album together.