23 signs you’re obsessed with Christmas

Own too many Christmas jumpers and have your Christmas tree up by 1 December? We're afraid you may have a festive addiction…

Photo | Rex Features

1. Forget the 12 days of Christmas, your countdown starts exactly 100 days before the big event. 


2. You’re secretly hoping someone will event a 100-day Advent calendar for people like you.

3. You start buying your Christmas presents in the January sales.

4. You’ve got all your presents sorted AND wrapped by September *smug face*

5. You think people who prefer Halloween to Christmas are mad.

6. You’ve got several Christmas jumpers. Some of them even sing and light up. 

7. Forget having just one Christmas Jumper Day! You wear yours pretty much every day for the whole of December.

8. You put up your Christmas tree on 1 December, not a day later.

9. You’re that person who argues with the Christmas tree seller. Of COURSE you need to see the tree without the netting. How else will you tell if it’s the right shape?

10. Your favourite part of the day is when you get home from work and switch on the tree.

Photo | Rex Features

11. You cry every time the John Lewis Christmas ad comes on TV.

12. You’re a marketing person’s dream, that’s how much you’re a sucker for anything Christmas-themed. 

13. Seriously, you have a Starbucks red cup every day, plan on going skating several times and will probably buy at least 10 reindeer-shaped baubles this year.

14. You’re that annoying person who tries to bring Christmas cheer to the office Grinch. 

15. You play Christmas music in the office every day. That woman in the finance department HATES you.

16. You’ve seen Elf approximately 5,708,809,424 times. 

17. Babies and pets hate you because you can’t help but dress them up in silly Christmas outfits.

18. You want to cry when a bauble falls off your tree and breaks.

19. Sleeping on Christmas Eve? Pah, Santa’s on his way, who cares about sleep?

20. You live for pigs in blankets and eggnog. 

21. You have very heated arguments about which Christmas song is the best. Of COURSE it’s Fairytale of New York.

22. Sometimes you wish you were younger so you could actually still believe in Santa.


23. Boxing Day is a very sad day indeed. Sure, there are some pretty amazing sales on, but to you it just means another 364 days until the next Christmas…